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Famous Last Words

“Another dead end and this foul darklight is still blocking messages. It feels like we are shallower now. This is the freshest construction I’ve seen. Maybe we’re on the northern edge? Or eastern? If I could just find some signs of recent activity... Charlotte, give me a minute to check out this room, just don’t touch anything.”   “Professor Smith, I didn’t catch that. You were mumbling. Are you talking to yourself again? It looks like another dead end. This place is really confusing. Are we lost? We aren’t lost, are we? We have enough food, don’t we? Are you eating? I haven’t seen you eat. I know I’ve asked before, but I worry. I know we’re getting low on food, but I’m good at rationing. My family was poor. I think I’ve told you that before. Yeah, we were poor. Ten kids. Sometimes my parents didn’t work for weeks. My oldest brother Gan got so desperate he went hunting Frogmen. Ended up joining their horde. Father took it surprisingly well. Mother didn’t approve of his wives. I thought they were nice enough. Anyway, don’t worry about me. But I am a bit hungry. I’m going to get something out of the pack while you are looking around. Make sure you eat something too. Oh, a table. What is a table doing down here? It sure would be nice to sit down. Hey, what’s this…”   -Charlotte Glav’s last words, Til-Gathien cavern networks, 872


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