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A Sunset Stroll

Bean: Isn’t it nice that the blond lady and her friends are taking us for a walk? Franklin: Yup   Sugarpie: They were fighting over me. Oh. They were fighting over me! I don’t know that I can take this pressure.   Samuel: My rider makes me a hair nervous. I swear I saw her create fire out of nowhere. Fire. Nowhere! There’s something about her that I can’t put my hoof on.   Sir Farts a Lot: Sir Farts a Lot!? I’m not even a SIR!   Franklin: Yup   Bean: … and the hay at that inn by the river. So tasty…   Samuel: Sir Farts a Lot, I think…   Sir Farts a Lot: That’s Lady Farts a lot to you!   Samuel: LADY Farts a Lot, I think my rider and your rider are kin. Are your riders… I don’t know, doing anything strange?   Lady Farts a Lot: My riders have been nothing but pleasant. The little girl is even brushing my mane. I think you are worrying over nothing.   Franklin: Yup   Sugarpie: This… this road has two directions. Sometimes it has THREE directions! What do I do?!   Bean: … and it's so peaceful out here away from the city…   Asshole: Show horses, the lot of you.   Franklin: Yup


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