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Remembered through Tears


Alzeera Resurgent


Tia O'Mandalorio (Laurie)
Sabbath Rune (Jack)
Syatt Walker (Scott)
Tao (Antonio)


Lt. Lee Meriweather
Velayna Marus
Dalvo Armesia
Cpt. Assyria Cromwell
Cdr. Caerr'Lon
Agent Lee Rambaud
Dr. Connor Mathison
Monurond Kaaley
Zur Haytte
Qen Dazega
Nurell Siss
Jayanna Korrs (JK)

Short Public Excerpt/Summary

A private memorial service is held for those lost during the battle over Endor, including Lieutenant Lee. Tia speaks in memory of her fallen friend. After the service, Tia, Sabbath, Tao, and Syatt visit the officers’ lounge. Tao and Sabbath speak with Assyria about lightsaber crystals, and Tia has a private conversation with her when the others step out of the room. Tia and Sabbath end the night by having a token drink in Lee’s honor.


Cover image: Tales from Nigita World Codex Cover by W.Morgenthien


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