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What is Talam? The countless petty kings and lords of Anderwel, with the power of their nominal emperor in steep decline. The dreaded necromancers of Rothenfels, who might not be so bad. Skýland in the fog. The treetop-towns of the Adesjok, the towers of Sirra and the mountains of the Ironside, the hidden city of Kosh and the plains of the Tilenya. Elgernost the Glorious. The Sickle, the everchanging Grey Kingdoms and the Silent Game of the Triarchy. Vilderland and Anvanima-most-Beautiful. The merchants of Khang Lo Wan and the owl-faced priests of the tundra. The pirates of the Volnian Sea and the Isles of Issaya and the harsh mountains of Etreia. The Griffin-Riders and the Summer and Winter Kings of Lo'An.
Or, as the god-kings once said: "All under the shadow" is Talam.

very much work in progress at the moment

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