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The Great Maine Spirit Forest

The Great Maine Spirit Forest is one of many spirit forests which appeared after the barrier to the Spirit World was broken, when nature spirits inhabited the trees, plants, and animals of this forest causing the trees and plants to grow at a greater rate than normal and possessed the animals evolving them to be more resilient. Spirit forests are thus fairly hard to permanently clear without the use of Magic which can prevent the spirit's expansion of the forest, or more aggressively have a water mage exorcise them to the Spirit World using magic.


The Forest travels along with the Appalachian mountains starting in Northern Vermont ending in Northern Maine and Eastern Quebec. The Middle of the Forest tends to be either mountains or hills, and as one leaves the forest it becomes flatter. Within the Northern Half are hundreds of lakes which are the source of the Penobscot, Kennebec and Androscoggin Rivers(listed north to south). In total It occupies about twenty-eight thousand sq miles(73,000 sq km) within Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Quebec.

The Great Maine Spirit Forest
The Great Maine Spirit Forest by Mike1027

Flora & Fauna

The region is home to a variety of animal and plant life which can be found elsewhere in North Eastern America. Unlike a normal forest, Nature Spirits play a major role in the ecosystem. These spirits bond with plants and animal changing in various ways usually making survival easier for it. In particular, the region is home to many cougars, known locally as mountain lions, which are bonded with nature spirits allowing their population to make a come back. Nature spirits have increased the population of prey animals, which have also helped the Lynx and Wold Populations to rebound from their near extinction levels due to centuries of hunting. In plants, the spirits cause them to grow at an accelerated rate which helps support the vegetarian animals such as Elk, Moose, deer, rabbits, and other rodents.

Natural Resources

The various business which operates within the forest most pay homage to the local Yokai, homage varying from currency to vegetables depending on the Yokai in question.

The forest two main exports are wood and tourism, although there are limited mining attempts. Lumber companies will use often use automated drones instead of augmented workers allowing them to do the logging with a few human overseers. This is usually because its more efficient, but spirits can rarely turn violent when their host is harmed and while not particularly strong, the worker can't see them at first, this means dodging is impossible, making them extremely dangerous. Loggers will usually hire a mage to watch for spirts, and intervene when one becomes violent, as well as having them protect the camp and machines from being overgrown with plant life.

Dispite it being fairly difficult to cross without an airplane, the forest is a major tourist attraction with several walled settlements to provide opportunities for Camping, Hunting and Sight Seeing in a secure location. For the Most part, the amount of hunting is not regulated because populations tend to be fairly strong, but in order to hunt in the forest, park authorities require one to possess a degree of skill and knowledge which enable one to survive within the forest. Sight Seers are guided on a set path which ensures the tourist is safe, but also allowing them to see dangerous predators from a distance and beautiful views.

Danger of the Forest

While not extremely dangerous to the unknowledgeable the spirit enhanced predators can be far more dangerous than normal. In addition to the wildlife, Yokai are known to have been seen within the forest, and generally, they do not like a guest.

Alternative Name(s)
The Great Candian Spirit Forest
Location under
North America
Owning Organization
United States of Britannia
Spirit Barrier Paper Charm
Spirit Barrier Paper Charm by Mike1027
This is a water paper charm which creates a barrier which prevents spirits from crossing including spirits which are possessing something, Mages are also affected although they can pass through with a varying amount of pain.

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2 Jul, 2019 03:59

This is an interesting take on what I assume to be a real life location of some sort? I like the information on how the cougars bonding with nature spirits helped bring their population back up. I'd like to see this fleshed out a little more, but you've got a good start!

2 Jul, 2019 04:24

Yes, it is indeed based on the real life, New England Quebec area, so unless you are familiar with US geography it may seem confusing. I haven't fleshed it out much, mainly cause I didn't want just explain real-life plants and animals, I'll have to figure out how the forest differs from the real-life location more though.

2 Jul, 2019 07:59

This is a great start, I'd love to hear more about how the spirits effect the plants and animals. Also I'd also love to hear more about how the trees are cut down in the natural resources section. You say it's difficult because of the spirits but then say it's a major supplier of wood and other things, so I'd love to hear more about that conflict between the spirits and whoever is actually getting a substantial amount of wood out of this forest. Did they make a deal with the spirits? Or are they just going in with brute force and an overwhelming amount of magic?

2 Jul, 2019 08:27

My bad on that I didn't make it clear that permanently clearing sections is difficult since the forest grows back decently faster than a normal forest, but chopping down trees is still possible. I'm not sure how spirits would react to something they are bonded to being killed, I'll expand on that. I think likely most spirits would just move to another, with maybe a few reacting violently. Making a deal with all of them wouldn't be possible, they are too simple for anything like that, but its unlikely brute force would be used with the spirits, instead, they may just have a mage on sight if needed. Like I said, I'll expand it.

2 Jul, 2019 09:38

Really engaging concept! I love the depth and mystery that you've achieved by hinting at the magical spirits who dwell here. This leads me to wonder: are there any cultural laws or customs in the forest? For example, is camping allowed here?