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Port Authority Space Station

The gateway against Hell

Written by jbmcgraw

Construction of this station began almost immediately after humanity's arrival in the Tajus System. At first, it served every need of society from housing and schooling, to defense and government. The missions to colonize both Bea' and Homeworld were launched from here. Once the two worlds were self sufficient, the station was converted into a purely military facility to serve as the home base of the Tajus Confederation Navy.


PASS is made up of recruits and volunteers from every culture on Homeworld and Bea'.


There are eight 24-inch Kinetic Cobra coil guns, each one capable of penetrating a battleship's armor. Four are on "top" and four on "bottom" of the station and are able to turn a full 360 degrees to provide firing lanes in every direction. Each one is protected by a battery of Copperhead Heavy Machineguns that prevent any weapons or vehicles getting too close to the big guns. The total number of Copperhead implacements on the station is highly classified. There are also several missile batteries of various types and size, but their details are also classified. There are also four Directed Energy Weapons that people aren't supposed to know exist. As the home base of the TCN, there is also a battle fleet in close orbit at all times, and countless attack craft on the station.
Alternative Name(s)
Military, Base
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Tajus Star System

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