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Mothers' Circle

Who really runs things?

Written by jbmcgraw

There have been many systems of checks and balances throughout history. The utilization of the Mothers' Cirle is intended to surround the Clan Chief with the wisdom, ferocity, and nurturing of strong maternal influence.


For a woman to qualify for the Mothers' Circle she must be well educated and physically fit with at least two children. All new applicants are tested extensively by the Circle before being approved or rejected. In some cases, the wife or mother of a warrior who dies gloriously in battle is admitted to the Circle based on the example she set for her husband or child.


Membership is granted by unanimous decision of the current Mothers' Circle in a ceremony called the Trial of the Maternal.


All members are advisors to the chief and other top ranking leaders while serving as a system of checks and balances to protect the people from tyranny. They also play a large role in the upbringing of young warriors.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If there is an accusation of wrong doing, a special tribunal is convened to investigate the charges. If found to be guilty, the member will be stripped of rank and may face more severe punishment if suited to the crime.

Nobility, Non-hereditary
Alternative Naming
Mothers' Council
Length of Term

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