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Nature's Defense

Written by jbmcgraw

This stone, unique to Homeworld, is an integral part of many fortifications.


Physical Characteristics

Extrememly hard stone that resists breakage well. Combined with its ability to absorb energy, it is perfect for building defensive structures.


The energy from most types of Directed Energy Weapons is quickly absorbed and neutralized, as is radiation. When properly untilized, the energy that it absorbs can be collected for other uses. The energy shields of Casle Vargr gain an "overcharge" from any energy/radiation weapons used against the castle because of this transferance.

Geology & Geography

Metastone is prevalent in the mountain and hill regions controlled by Clan Wolfsbane. It does exist in other regions but not as abundantly. It is completely absent in the desert regions.

Origin & Source

Massive blocks of it exist in the mountains, and smaller pieces/veins can be found in the lowlands.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Shielding for fortifications and weapons systems.


A young man eager to prove...(who knows what he wanted to prove), stuck his tongue on a metstone boulder that had just been struck by lightening. He died.

A wide variety of colors occur naturally depending on where it is found. Regardless of color however, it always has a look very similar to marble with metallic swirls.
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