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Humanity's stronghold.

Written by jbmcgraw

Homeworld was the first planet to begin colonization in the Tajus System, hence the name.


There is a wide range of geographical feature on the planet including mountains, plains, tundras, savannahs, rivers, streams, and more things are discovered often. The overall geography is very similar to Earth's with 78% of the planet covered in water. The massive size of the world gives it much more land and water surface area than Earth however.

Flora & Fauna

A wide variety of plant and animal life flourish on Homeworld. While many of the species appear very similar to organisms on Earth, there are also countless plants and animals that can not be classified by the system used there. Most plants and animals tend to have darker shading and colors compared to life on Earth, possibly due to the differences between Tajus and Sol.

Natural Resources

Metastone- stone with veins of metals running throughout that allow it to absorb various forms of energy and radiation. Used in fixed fortifications to defend against Directed Energy Weapons Light Oil- Similar to crude oil on Earth but less than half its weight. Currently used to synthesize various types of fuels. New applications are found fairly regularly.
Social Structure


  • Map of Homeworld Map

    A rough map of Homeworld and how the territories are divided among the 5 clans. Labeling of clans will come later.

Of the original 7 clans that dominated Homeworld, only 5 survived the Millenium War. At the beginning of the Contamination War another clan, Clan Wolfsbane, was destroyed as well, but made a strong recovery.
Alternative Name(s)
New Earth, Clan World
Location under
Tajus Star System
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The clan system is used by over 90% of the population on Homeworld because of its ability to provide checks and balances of power planet wide, and still have various faiths and cultures capable of working together to defend humanity as a whole.

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