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Clan Wolfsbane

Guardians of Man

Written by jbmcgraw

There is a common misconception that members of a clan are all related. This is simply untrue. While there are several large family groups within the clan, the genetic mixture is just as diverse as any other society. The various families do share a deep bond through service to the clan however.


The Clan Chief--Mothers' Circle Lord Generals--Council of Lords Board of Pastors--Lesser Lords' Council City Councils--Mayors Sherrifs--County Courts

Public Agenda

The primary goal of the clan is the protection and keeping of their faith that they brought with them from Earth. Part of that faith includes defending the weak, so their immense military strength is used to protect humanity as it establishes itself on Homeworld.


Castle Vargr, Twenty smaller fortresses, estimated over 200,000 troops, 1 star fleet in orbit, squadron of aerospace fighters at each fortress and 4 squadrons at Castle Vargr


The Millenium War lasted over 1,000 years. Less than one year after Clan Wolfsbane joined the fight the two rebellious clans were wiped out and the war ended. Later, during the Contamination War, the entire Wolf Clan is destroyed by contaminated. A few warriors are revived as cyborgs and purge their homelands before rebuilding the clan.

Agriculture & Industry

While the majority of the population live near a military fort for the protection from raiders and wildlife, there are vast swathes of farmland across the territory that are under military protection year round. There are also large "bovine" operations that produce meat, and several fleets of fishing ships along the coast. There are precious stones and metals throughout the land allowing the clan to advance technologically more quickly than other clans.


Every single member of the clan has access to as much education as they desire. Any citizens who are uneducated are most likely disabled in some manner.

Live free and die well.

Geopolitical, Clan
Castle Vargr
Alternative Names
The Wolf Clan, Clan of Wolves
Formation Type
Clan Wolfsbane Army
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
The money used is based on the dollar from Earth. Every cent that is produced must be backed by an equal or greater value of gemstones and/or precious metals.
Major Exports
Grains are sent to the cold north, and several military technologies are shared with the other clans to assure readiness in the event of invasion.
Major Imports
Imports are primarily luxury items such as elaborate fur coats, rugs, etc from their neighbors to the north. Any time another clan has a technological/scientific/medical breakthrough, the Wolf Clan uses its wealth to obtain it and bring it home.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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