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Clan Wolfsbane Army

The greatest of warriors.

Written by jbmcgraw

Clan Wolfsbane is a tight knit society formed around military structure and service. Based out of Castle Vargr, they continually increase their military strength and global influence on Homeworld and have the largest standing army on the planet.



The standing regular Army is regularly growing and diversifying so it is difficult to say exactly how large it is at any given time. It is known that they have more soldiers than most clans have citizens.


All combat troops in the clan wear some variation of power armor. The more prestigious/elite the unit, the better the equipment they have.


Most troops carry some form of railgun or coilgun. A small amount of highly specialized units deploy energy weapons. There are also super high velocity carbines and pistols, and softslug carbines and pistols. The softslug weapons are for use in pressurized environments such as in space or underwater.


There is a wide variety of vehicles used depending on the mission. Tanks are made in several sizes and configurations to suit mission and terrain requirements, as are trucks, buggies, planes, helicopters, and armored fighting vehicles.


The Clan Chief is the primary commander, balanced by the Mother's Circle. Beneath the Clan Chief are a series of officers from Generals to Lieutenants who command various sized units.


Typically, military training begins as a child. Any orphans in the clan are immediately adopted by the clan and raised by the Mothers' Circle until they're old enough to begin training. The youngest and least capable are assigned a mentor from the veteran ranks who teaches them as a knight would a squire. Once the veteran warrior deems them ready, they go on to formal training which generally lasts 2-4 years depending on occupation.


The Millenium War drug on for over a thousand years, until Clan Wolfsbane entered the fray. It took less than one year for them to eradicate the two rebellious clans and end the war. Later, during the contamination war, the entire clan was eradicated by the contaminated. A few warriors were able to be revived as cyborgs. They went on the purge the contamination from their lands and rebuild the clan.

Historical loyalties

Clan Wolfsbane primary allegiance is to God. Their military might however, is used to protect humanity from itself and any other threats while the human race rebuilds.

Overall training Level
Ranks & Titles

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