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Castle Vargr

Home of Clan Wolfsbane

Written by jbmcgraw

Castle Vargr is the largest fortification owned by Clan Wolfsbane. While it doesn't look that imposing from outside, there is a vast network of tunnels and rooms beneath the ground.

Purpose / Function

Castle Vargr was built in the early days of clan society on Homeworld to serve as a government center, refuge/shelter, and military headquarters for Clan Wolfsbane. It consists of the castle in the center surrounded by a high wall. Beyond that is another wall which ecloses the various workshops, stores, and other buildings that are above ground. The castle itself has five basement levels that allow the fortress to continue operations even if the surface is glassed.


A series of energy shields were installed shortly after construction to improve defenses against projectile weapons. Towers placed around the walls redistribute energy absorbed from attacks by the metastone into the shielding. So, the more the fortress is attacked with energy weapons, the stronger the defenses become.


The stone used to construct the fortifications is unique to Homeworld. Known as Metastone, it absorbs energy weapons effects to the point they are useless in an assault. This was important because there was a wide variety of weaponry built on the planet. Once it was determined that the structkure was still vulnerable to large ballistic weapons, energy shields were developed to encase each section.

Parent Location
Owning Organization
Clan Wolfsbane
Characters in Location

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