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Pity? Mercy? Did you show my people pity when you mutilated them? Did you show my people mercy when they begged for their lives? This death is more compassion than you deserve.
  Born during the height of a war whose scars still make a mark upon this world, Vex knows little joy, and very little love. What could’ve been her family was pressed into service when she was still very little, and killed by the hands of the non-fae races in the war. She withdrew from society early as an orphan and fled to safety only to find fae homes everywhere burned to the ground by the unified armies. Her eyes mimicked the color of the flames that wicked the remains of the villages, her skin felt hot, and she made a vow to seek revenge.   All fae creatures have their own tricks, their own skills that make them unique. Hers came from her ability to blend. First, it was with the shadows. She learned how they felt, how they embraced her body, how they covered her imperfections and her pains. The shadows always were a home for her, and no matter where she went - there was a shadow to escape to.   Then, she learned to blend with the people. The cruel and craven men and women who took her life away. She learned their mannerisms. She learned their quirks. And soon after, she learned their faces.   Of course, that skill took some experimentation. A few lives had to be sacrificed for her to get that ability down. But she felt no pity for them. They were all complicit in the ruining of her life. She felt what she assumed was joy when she felt their flames snuff out from within them. And she felt what she assumed to be love when she took their faces for hers and walked the streets for the first time and people looked at her without fear or judgment.   And she hated them even more for it.  

Vex cover

Tell me your story. And be quick about it, this poison is awfully fast.
  A few years and many faces later, she began to get information on the men who were part of the company that took her parents’ lives. And one by one, she enacted her revenge. A captain of the company. A private who simply held a spear. A cook assigned to the troop. None were spared. The company began to take upon a reputation among those who were once a part of it, as they all felt it was a “Cursed Company.” She killed a footman who had retired, as he read a book to his children. She murdered a messenger for the company by throwing her off a rooftop in Ghal Pelor. She poisoned the drink of a sergeant at his wedding, and she ended the life of a fatally ill lieutenant with a dagger in the chest mere moments before he was set to die peacefully surrounded by family.   And at the scene of every crime she left a raven’s feather plucked from her own skin. To remind those who took her life from her about her loss. And to promise those who waited for her vengeance that she was coming.   Vex was unable to finish her task before many in the company died of old age (the company being very large, of course), so in the years that followed she went after their children. And then their grandchildren. As she was consumed by the task, she began to get sloppy. An adventuring party tracked her down at the request of a local magistrate, and she found herself alone, cornered, with no allies. That is when the Shadow Court revealed themselves to her. And they offered a deal.   Her service for their assistance. And, perhaps more importantly: a home, status, wealth, companions, anything she could ever dream and the type of life she never had. True joy, true love, true living - a future. She could hardly believe the offer, it was too good to be true! In fact, Vex refused at first, but the Shadow Court showed their power by taking care of the adventuring party with ease. From that moment, she swore her allegiance to them. And by taking upon the Brand in her right hand, she became their agent for eternity.  

Vex cover

  In the many, many years since becoming an agent for the Court, she has been a loyal servant, and her duty to them has overridden her sense of vengeance. While she had once been the eyes and ears of the Court in Ghal Pelor, she now found herself pressed into new frontiers. Specifically, she has the task of documenting, understanding, and infiltrating new societies on the fringes of the known human world to the west. Additionally, she was promised great rewards if she should infiltrate the upper echelons of Melanthris's noble caste while in the west.    


  Vex wears many faces. In fact, her true form (which you can see above, which is a shadowy, almost featureless creature with dark hair, long hands, black feathery skin, and piercingly bright eyes) might never be seen by the party or everyone within it. She has a plethora of faces in her repertoire, and her skill as an actor and mimicker is unmatched. She can disguise herself as anyone using her spells instantaneously.   She does, however, find that having a few faces that are consistent helps her make connections with people that will allow her to gain access to places, get assistance, or even for companionship (since, as distasteful as it is, she does have a few non-fae friends).  

Vex cover

  The face she wears frequently is that of an old elf mercenary. This face is the face she tends to use while she is on the road. Heavy scars play across her face, and she covers half of it in heavy cloth to mark that her eye was removed in a violent encounter. A hood usually covers her stark white, scraggly hair. This face belonged to an elf she encountered at an inn, who told her some old war stories from her time on the front lines, killing fae. The eyes and scars came from what Vex did to her after hearing her story.  

Vex cover

  The other face she often wears is that of a Baradradi human necromancer named Amelia Warwick. She wears this face not only because she likes the look, but because it suits her nature and it reminds her of a long lost love. It also allows her to cast spells without people questioning her, since they just assume she can cast because of her lineage. She allows enjoys the status of the Baradradi necromancer in society. People simultaneously respect and fear her, which makes her happy.   Lastly, this face belonged to one of the few non-fae creatures Vex enjoyed the company of. Amelia Warwick was from a relatively minor Warwick House in Baradrad. Of course, Vex did not present herself as a fae to Amelia, but instead through the face of a man named Vincent Ainsley, a minor noble she impersonated then replaced while living in solitude in Baradrad. They met in court, and Amelia's passion for the dark arts stirred something deep in Vex. They had a love affair that lasted for a few years - a blip in Vex's lifespan, which makes it strange that it stuck with her - much to the chagrin of the Warwick House that wanted Amelia to marry another necromancer.   Vex discovered that Amelia was experimenting on fae, which drove Vex into a characteristic rage. After Vex murdered her, "Vincent" was implicated, but Vex herself easily slipped capture. To this day Vex is certain that the House maintains some animosity for their affair that lead to her death, but is pretty confident that, unless through some means unknown to her, they would not be able to identify her (although, the consistent wearing of Amelia's face probably doesn't help).

Personality Characteristics


Desires a future for herself. This includes true friendship, a real home, and enough wealth to secure it.   Deep down, she also desires vengeance for the murder of her family. But that seems impossible to achieve.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely charismatic, depending on the persona affected. Can easily blend in with any group of people.   Unfortunately, she has a short temper, especially with regards to all matters relating to the fae.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves nature. Likes drinking. Enjoys money (a lot of it).   Hates love. Dislikes compassion. Disdains those who cannot look after themselves.

Virtues & Personality perks

Cunning, intelligent, sharp, and patient.

Vices & Personality flaws

Quick to rage, unable to quiet her feelings.
Lawful Evil
Bright white or red
Chopped, feathery, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black with patches of raven feathers


5 Class & Level
Fae Race

Total Hit Dice
Hit Die
+0 proficiency bonus
+0 Strength
+0 Dexterity
+0 Constitution
+0 Intelligence
+0 Wisdom
+0 Charisma
saving throws
+0 Acrobatics
+0 Animal Handling
+0 Arcana
+0 Athletics
+0 Deception
+0 History
+0 Insight
+0 Intimidation
+0 Investigation
+0 Medicine
+0 Nature
+0 Perception
+0 Performance
+0 Persuasion
+0 Religion
+0 Sleight of Hands
+0 Stealth
+0 Survival


Armor Class

Hit Points


Heroes Enabled

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