The Star Key

It's said the seers of other races look to the stars to divine the future but that is not so for the Keepers. They knew better. They'd seen what the distant stars have to offer with their own eyes. The stars in the heaven are host to horrors. And, the only escape from them is the maddening infinity between each pale glowing dot.
— Excerpt from Tales of the World Birth
The Tairuk Tribes believed that the Keepers and their servants were not native to Tairos but instead wanderers of the stars. They say that this ancient race bore witness to countless dead worlds in the void above and that only our world was could sustain them. Such a myth is likely derived from the story of the Arrival of the New Gods but if true in its entirety than it is plan to see why the Star Key is such a dangerous tool.
What fragmentary bits of knowledge are left of the Keepers' civilization make reference to terrible aberrations that lurk between the stars or linger upon worlds which they have glutted upon. They speak of spider-like slavers who treat the torture and conquest of others as game between merchants. Pieces make reference to foes known they called the Tyrant Eyes who's withering gaze paves the way for their growing empire. Images of gaunt, yolk-colored, and skeletal beings who's society is focused only around war and the hunt. There are masters of the dark science of flesh-craft who's Cult and creations linger in the far corners of many worlds working to welcome their masters home. Perhaps, worst of all, is the dread found in these glyphs for a race known as the Architects. These are the fabled gate builders who slumber beneath surface of dead worlds waiting to awaken and cull the cosmos of life once again.
The Keeper who forged the Star Key is thought to have been a traveler who frequently walked the across the surface of distant worlds beneath alien stars. He was a traveler who mastered the use of the gates and used them to learn what he could from the dangers beyond Tairos. When the Golden God hurled the heavens down upon the Keepers it is this old master that disabled the gate in their city, fearing that without their watchful presence distant terrors might slither through unchecked. Then, like the rest of the final seven, he gave up both body and soul to forge the key and seal away the great gift behind The Eternity Door.


Game Statistics

While holding the Star Key in a free hand or wearing it as an amulet you have advantage on Initiative Rolls when aberrations or creatures from outside of Tairos are present (such as Fae for example).

The wearer of the key can also cast Conjuration Spells without requiring Manacite

The staff has 10 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC+2: Arms of Hadar (1 charge), Unseen Servant(1 charge), Misty Step (2 charges), Hunger of Hadar (3 charges), Summon Aberration (4 charges), Reality Break (10 charges)

The Star Key regains 1D6 charges per day at dawn.

The Star Key cannot be damaged by any known means of normal or magical damage.

Manufacturing process

The Keeper who created this key was a traveler of the stars and an expert on the ways of the alien and the void. The forging of the key required both his mortal life and his spiritual essence.
Item type
Current Location
Subtype / Model
This is a unique item. There is only one in existence
Raw materials & Components
The key is made of Dolomite or possibly Limestone. The gemstones making up the three stars on the key are made of opal.


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