Ssambrae The Clock Maker

When the other gods came to Tairos it’s said they did so within a protective sphere of magic and machinery built by the divine inventor, Ssambrae.
Ssambrae is a master of time and is believed to be able to see back to the very beginning moments of creation. Some scholars actually believe he is a time traveling god from early history who catapulted himself into this distant era. They say he was fleeing some danger that lurked in the shadows of early creation trying to stall and stop the dynamic birth of the cosmos. And that here, in the present, he found that darkness to be on the verge of victory.
In addition to having a peerless perspective on the past he is also known as a great inventor and teacher. He’s thought to have a copy of every mechanical device to ever exist stored with the pages of his great texts and that he can call a copy of any device he desires into existence with but a gesture.
His followers were engineers, teachers, inventors and scholars from every nation. So popular was his worship that it even spread to a few of the normally agnostic Gnomes. Even today there are a few gnomes in Homestead that see him as their adopted patron.
Worship of Ssambrae was somewhat dogmatic and ridged; it required annual moots to share discoveries, prayers before every construction session, recitation of holy words while transcribing events of the past and for every clock in the worshiper’s home to be blessed regularly. Members of other faiths often said that Ssambrae’s only failing is not creating more hours in the day to complete all the rituals he asks of his followers.

Divine Domains

History, magic, law, knowledge

Holy Books & Codes

The Clockwork Codex- Within its pages are formulas and forms of worship closer to science than prayer. These books are often very thick with metallic covers and closed with intricate locks.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Ssambrae's symbol is clock face or a cog surrounded by a halo of vibrant light. His favored weapon is a spear, one in the shape of a clock's arm. This is often used to represent him.

Tenets of Faith

Science is the understanding of the tools of the divine. Every creation and construction should be blessed and treated as a holy ceremony.


Holidays precious to Ssambrae are ones that celebration completion of great works of creation such as the building of temples, courthouses, city walls and factories.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Opposing the actions of the god of decay, Krutilix, is a foremost goal of his. He desires to see civilizations grow and works of creation endure.
Divine Classification
Intermediate God


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