Nisaba The Lady Midnight

Nisaba was never worshiped in ancient times. She played the part of a rival, trickster or adversary in many of the religious texts of the other gods. The Vale Manuscript is the only unbiased source of information on Nisaba and it shows her to be a goddess that is fiercely protective of her domain and her fellow gods. She is also shown to be deeply ambitious, curious and distrustful of authority.
Perhaps the most famous story is told by the priests of Galidir The Hunter. Galadir found a truly magnificent elk that he wished to hunt, kill and present to Sandor The Guardian of Tairos. His arrows failed to kill the beast. His sword as well. Even his bare hands couldn’t to slay it. Nisaba had secretly taken essence from the Well of Life with Tatayne’s help and infused it into the elk. Galidir was determined to bring the elk back dead rather than alive to prove his hunting process. And in doing so he mangled the beast he desired, turning it into an unrecognizable living mess of bone, blood and fur. Nisaba’s trick taught Galidir to appreciate beauty in its natural form, though by a very grim means.
Her popularity among the other gods is strained at best. She is Malyse The Libertine's twin sister and protective of her. Sandor and Ssambrae The Clock Maker see her as troublesome lawbreaker. Corellon Lolthander The Dawn Master believes she is a terrible influence for mortals and best kept far away from them. And Wynte Lord of the Moon, finds the chaos brings to the lives of the other gods rather amusing.
After the Fang Crusades, Nisaba found true worship with many traveling bandits, gamblers and raiders who roamed Tairos in the wake of the great war. Much as Thatur The Ledger Lord's worship evolved into something different, the often-overlooked goddess of trickery became a true patron for outlaws. Worship for Lady Midnight took the form of simple, quick prayers and offerings of gold thrown into lakes, rivers and the ocean.
In more modern times her worship became popular in distant cities like Talbot where law is virtually non-existent. Followers would pray to her for luck and for safety as they traveled their lonely roads. Yet no other nation truly embraces Nisaba like the Stormlands. While Arroc is an enigmatic and mysterious patron to them, NIsaba is the more practical deity of choice. Many raiders will paint her symbol upon their armor and ship masts- A dagger with an open eye in the hilt.

Divine Domains

Travel, Charm, Trickery and Water

Holy Books & Codes

Nisaba has no formal religious text. She is honored with graffiti on the walls of cities and hushed prayers prior to the start of raids and robberies.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Nisaba's symbol is dagger with an open eye in the hilt. Daggers are her favored weapon and often used to represent her

Tenets of Faith

Protect family for they are the only thing that is sacred. Take everything that you desire from any who hold it.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Nisaba looks to protect her sister above all else. She also views the rest of the pantheon as her family even if they do not always welcome her as such. She cares about each of them and will strike out against any that harm her family. It's believed she is constantly looking for a means to undo the The Queen's Rebuke
Divine Classification
Lesser God


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