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There's only two places you'd ever want to find yourself in the Stormlands; Harrowhold or on the fastest ship back to the the mainlands.
— Dwenlin Glass
The city known as Harrowhold has gone by numerous names throughout its sordid history yet no matter what the ruling warlords dubbed it, the city has always been the pearl of the Stormlands.
Most settlements in the Stormlands consist of little more than wooden defensive walls ringed around simple stone huts and a meager central keep. They're enough to withstand the gale force winds that sweep the islands and the attacks launched by neighboring communities. These are humble structures built for survival, not aesthetics, and anything more than the a simple flag bearing the colors of the ruling warlord is rare.
Harrowhold stands in stark contrast to all the rest. It is a monument to the violence and pillaging that stands at the foundation of Stormlanders society. The walls of Harrowhold are made of the strongest lumber from the Rylan Woods and upon every square inch there hands a shield taken from a mainlander killed during a sacred raid issued by a Storm King or Queen. These walls are a tapestry of death, every shield a simple reminder of the cost of resistance. Within those walls are homes bedecked with riches won during bloody raids, each of these properties owned by retired raiders, warlords, Storm Sworn, or other such savage nobles. All of this orbits the Harrowhold Castle, a motte and bailey style fortification under the constant watch of cult-like Storm Sworn and home to the ruling Storm King or Queen.


Stormlanders are entirely human and all citizens of Harrowhold are as well. There my be a small population of visitors or permanent residents from other racial stocks. Duergarian most likely. Disenfranchised Frostmerites looking to start a new life might be found here as well.


Harrowhold is the home of the Storm Throne and the ruler of all the Stormlanders. Day to day governing of the city itself is left in the hands of one of the warlords who has earned the favor of the throne. This warlord is given the title of Harrow Lord and also required to join the Storm Sworn they are not already. This is a coveted position as it comes with great notoriety, wealth, and raiding privilege.


The shield wall, difficult to reach due to storms and having to travel there by boat, ballistas, reinforced docks protected with chain traps and other water hazards

Industry & Trade

Whaling and fishing, trade based on raids


Harrowhold has a very well developed series of dockyards that ring the coastal edges of the city. These accommodate the launching of raids as well as the finishing and whaling industry that is so prominent in here. These docks also incorporate shipyards where warlords can come to simply purchase vessels rather than build them on their own. These ship builders can charge exorbitant fees because any warlord shopping here is a warlord that is unable to secure enough lumber. This desperation is good business for the shipwrights


Whales, other large sea beasts ideal for processing, fish
Harrowhold also maintains the series of lighthouses that dot the island chain and help guide friendly ships. Some of these light houses are actually built in highly dangerous areas and their whole purpose is to guide the ships of enemies or disloyal lords to their deaths

Guilds and Factions

The Storm Sworn are the most significant faction in the city. Other than them the various different warlords all have their own factions with their own agendas and ambitions.


Stormlander architecture is known for its dour and simplistic look. They have only two goals during construction: make something that can withstand raids by other Stormlanders and something that can stand strong against the fierce winds of the island chain


Situated in an other flat section of the largest island in the Stormlands against the southern coast. over 60% of the city is built along the coast. The land around it is nothing but crag land and crab grass.

Natural Resources

Few. There is very little in the way of trees and the few that do exist here are fiercely guarded and cultivated. Of those trees that do grow here, only a small portion of them are fit for woodworking. The island chain does have an abundance of natural mineral deposits. The stormlanders lack the machinery needed to mine it on a large scale and neighboring communities lack the security and ships needed to take advantage of those deposits. Harrowhold will often negotiate mining rights and ship travel to business partners
Alternative Name(s)
Eye of the Storm, Pearl of the Stormlands, Dachaigh Chruaidh,
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