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Erik Shepherd

Erik Shepherd

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Young, scrawny, usually a little disheveled. Slightly more handsome than you'd expect for a guardsman, but nothing that stands out of a crowd.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Erik’s family were sheep and goat herders, hence the surname. Erik learned to handle a crossbow and a spear from an early age to keep wolves at bay. He is the third son and has no inheritance to speak of, so when the Westbound Star came through recruiting a year ago he signed on. He has since received more formal training as a fighter and gotten to put a few coins in his pocket. He likes the camaraderie of the camp, but he is still a fairly quiet person that doesn’t like to be the center of attention. He enjoys spending time with the animals and helps the quartermaster whenever possible.   During the New Sanctuary expedition he befriended a talking rooster named Rango, and has since become more concerned about the well-being of other animals.   During the group's exploration of Brecklinburg Erik was deceived by the local villagers, drugged, and almost sacrificed to their pagan god. In the ensuing battle Erik was literally swallowed by the beast and retained consciousness in the creature's belly until it was slain and cut open.

Gender Identity





No formal education. Grew up learning to be a shepherd, has had a year's worth of martial training as part of the caravan. In that time he's learned to read and picked up some Dwarvish as a trade language out of Ghal Pelor.   His mom taught him to cook. He'll never be a great chef but he helps out with the quartermaster sometimes.   Practicing with the Frostmerites has taught himt he basics of brewing mead.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Saved Rango from a group of slavers. Killed a giant spider. In a fear-fueled adrenaline surge managed to break through a set of chains in order to escape being sacrificed to a giant frog monster.

Failures & Embarrassments

While trying to throw his spear at a giant spider, he missed and instead nicked one of his allies in the shoulder from behind.   Tried to flirt with a cute farm girl in Brecklinburg, only to have her drug him and tie him up to be eaten by a frog monster.

Mental Trauma

He has a pet rooster that he talks to, and that he believes talks to him. Ever since finding out that some animals can talk, he has found himself unable to eat meat with a clear conscience.   After his experience in Brecklinburg Erik is very distrustful of strangers. Having survived being eaten, he identifies even more with animals not wanting to be eaten. He has a near phobia now of being eaten, and gets nightmares about the incident. He has lost a lot of his learned battle discipline and has begun alternating between a fugue and a manic battle rage.

Morality & Philosophy

Former: Help where you're needed, do a good job, try not to mess up or make anyone mad. Mind your own business.   Current: Do your job, try not to mess up. Don't try to be a hero, heroes get killed. Don't trust strangers, but protect and help those who've proven trustworthy.


He tries to give the few magic users in the caravan a wide berth. The legends and tales of the Queen’s Rebuke are evidence enough that most magic is nothing but trouble. That being said, no one with the ability to use it is someone you want to get on the wrong side of, so maybe don't tell a wizard that you don't like wizards. Best to avoid them entirely.

Personality Characteristics


Stay out of trouble, live to see another day. A full belly and some coins to spare is more than someone of his birth can usually expect in this world.   Don't get eaten.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Surprisingly good cook, considering his background. Good with animals. Not so much stupid as simply uneducated. Has a knack for being overlooked.   Can brew mead.

Likes & Dislikes

Not being eaten.

Vices & Personality flaws

Since Brecklinburg is increasingly fond of mead bordering on over-indulgence.

Personality Quirks

Recently took up vegetarianism as a result of meeting a talking chicken.


Previously unable to grow a beard, he never learned to shave regularly. Increasingly scruffy now that he pays less attention to his appearance.


Contacts & Relations

Increasingly close with Aelfric and the Frostemerite contingent of the Westbound Star Company.   Hero worships Berenger.

Family Ties

Father and mother are retired, living with oldest brother that inherited the farm. Older brother lives nearby on a farm that he received as a dowry. Older sister that married into the Baker clan. Younger sister still at home, looking for a husband.

Religious Views

Nothing strong. General lip service to the agricultural pantheon, but with the gods silent since the Queen's Rebuke the highest virtue is self-sufficiency.

Social Aptitude

Old: Friendly but not outgoing. Tends to be liked without being anyone's best friend. Prefers to avoid a lot of attention. Gets a little bashful around pretty women.   New: Sullen and withdrawn. Tends to be silent and somewhat stand-offish unless directly addressed. Prefers to avoid a lot of attention. Talks to his chicken more than he does to anyone but Berenger, Aelfric, and Tindel.

Hobbies & Pets

Rango - talking chicken


Berenger Coldren

friend (Important)

Towards Erik Shepherd



Erik Shepherd

friend (Important)

Towards Berenger Coldren




Berenger is Erik's commanding officer. He looks at Erik as courageous but vulnerable youth in need of protection, education and friendship

Year of Birth
Current Residence
Dirty Blonde
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Dwarf


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