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Erathe is one of many small communities along the southwestern coast of the continent. Erathe, like all these far-away places, manages to survive due to its isolation. Erathe doesn't appear on any of the old maps, it wasn't recognized by any nation, and has no nearby neighbors. Such isolation has kept many villages alive and free from the sort of predations that plague those deeper inland.
For Erathe's brief history it has existed as fishing village that lives off the bounty of the open ocean. That bounty often includes the debris of ships from Far Harbor that have fallen victim to storms, beasts, or the Pirate Lords. That was enough to get by rather comfortably for the few decades of the village's existence but recently their little corner of Tairos has become a bit more crowded.
First, the community of New Sanctuary was established as a joint venture between Melanthris and Ghal Pelor. Then, New Sanctuary quickly expanded its area of influence to include a parcel of land along the coast which they built Port Sanctuary on.
The village elders quickly came to realize that a life of independence was not going to be an option going forward. They also saw the many luxuries that New Sanctuary brought to the region and realized that an alliance with this growing power early on would be better than being ground under the heel of their progress. To that end they've become a quick trade partner with the nearby Port Sanctuary. What these newcomers had in the way of resources and numbers, they lacked when it came to experienced sailors. Erathe lent them that expertise and helped to construct their first dock. They even introduced them to local trappers, loggers, and problem solvers. One of their own even agreed to join up with the Port's first venture and help them navigate the dangers of the region.
Today, Erathe is becoming something it never expected to be, a place a the map, and a partner to a regional powerhouse.


The population is heavily elven and half-elven due its founders having originated from the Melanthrin peasant lands. Over time it has picked up a spattering humans as well, most hailing from Rylan or Frial


The village is very laxed when it comes to any sort of traditional government. They will elect a "mayor" to handle interactions with the outside world and help mediate internal disputes but for the most part the government of Erathe has little hand in the rule of its citizens. The current mayor is an elderly adventurer of days past by the name of Sheed Crosby, a half-elf woman originally born in the peasant lands to a farmer's daughter and a traveling soldier from Rylan. Her general approach to matters of the outside world is caution. She recognizes that an alliance with Port Sanctuary would be beneficial to the community but she's deeply cautious of anyone else.

Industry & Trade

In years past the village was self-sustaining but largely without worth to travelers. That is slowly changing as Port Sanctuary grows. It brings with it trade, interest from the continent's greater powers, and an influx of new faces to the region. Erathe is known for building sturdy fishing vessels and having experiences crews so it is those skills that are bringing traders to their doorsteps now


Access to rich fishing waters


Simple styles that match with the near-by elven peasantry
Inhabitant Demonym

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