Cult of the Chain Maker

Pain is the promise paid to the Chain Maker! Suffering is the song sung by guilty lips!
— Litany of Castigation from the holy book of Ephias, The Ashen Path
The Cult of the Chain Maker is the primary overseer of the Duergarian faith as well as the mortal rulers of Cinderstone .
The Cult's beginnings are steeped in the early days of the Castigator Guild's exile from Ghal Ankharan after the Queen's War when a subtle whisper led the hopeless dwarves through the dangers of the Ash Plains and to the fiery base of Mount Chardoran. Those who heard the voice loudest were some of the most accomplished castellians, slave wardens and executions. They would be the first true priests of the faith of Ephias , many of which are still alive today and recall with bitter indignation the days of the exile at the hands of their kin.
Today, the Cult dominates every aspect of Duergarian society. Priests run the factories, clerics lead the police force and military while paladins carry out the bloody edicts of Ephias. Few Duergar are outside of the reach or influence of the Cult and only the most fringe members of their society operate without care or concern for them. The spread of Duergarian interests and the borders of Cinderstone are all done at the behest of the Chain Maker's mortal servants. They act as diplomats when treating with foreign nations, as warlords when pursuing agendas of violence, task masters to the slave legion, learned engineers in the Hellforge factories, exterminators of demon-kind and vengeful fist of their hungry god.

Public Agenda

Propagation of Ephias' influence over Tairos


Access to magic via demon-cores, slave legions, the army of Cinderstone, divine servants of Ephias, bound demons, Hellforged Warmachines, near limitless wealth

Hallowed are the chains that bind

Religious, Organised Religion
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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