I'm just doing my job, nothing complicated about it.
— cassiopeia
After the Queen's war most of Tairos believed the Fae to be a nightmare of days gone by. Each passing year rumors of fae sightings grew fewer and hunters steadily ran out of quarry to track. Eventually, fae became myth and legend, a boogyman to scare young children rather than an enemy at their doorsteps. However; this presumed extinction was anything but. Some crept into the lonely places left in the wake of the war where they survived and grew bitter. Others, like Cassiopeia's ancestors, hid in the last place hunters would look ... among them.
Cassiopeia is Tairos through and through. She knows the land, knows the food, the people, and the art, because she grew up side by side with it. Her family has lived in Frial for generations now, hiding among the citizens, creating a life for themselves. They went from loyal soldiers during the end days of the war to a family of carpenters known for their exquisite handiwork. Her parents have no memory of the war, having been born long after its end as well. Only great grandpa Chrysanthos was actually there and deciphering his war stories from senile ramblings is becoming more difficulty with each passing year. Each generation diluted itself with foreign blood, watering itself down till little in the way of their heritage remained. Her parents hadn't even planned on telling her that fae blood ran in her veins until Gorgon traits started to emerge and in a potency not seen since her great grandfather's era. And Cassiopeia lived this way, aware of her nature but fully rooted in culture of Frial, for most of her life.
That changed when the Shadow Court began reaching out to the many wayward fae that had long forgotten about them. Reminding them of old oaths, and old obligations that have yet to be forgiven. Agents of the Court gave two choices to fae who sought refuge among Tairos' survivors: honor your promises or perish. In the case of their kith who had been rendered into useless mongrels from ages of crossbreeding they made the choice for them. Death before discovery. Cassiopeia's family was deemed unworthy of the Court's new vision for Tairos but when they discovered that one of their children was manifesting a heritage not seen since the days of the Autumn Queen, they made them an offer. Cassiopeia's service to the Shadow Lords in exchange for the safety of her family. And so a pact was made.
She left Frial at the age of 13 to train in the Shadow Court and learn the true ways of her people. Most of what they taught her was repulsive but she had to hide her disdain for it or her family would suffer the cost. She would use the arts of subterfuge and guile they taught her to help her family slowly escape Frial and go into hiding elsewhere, safe should the Court every change their mind. At first she planned on joining them in hiding but as time went on the depths her patrons would go to punish the disobedient became shockingly evident. Instead, she choose to stay, to make sure they never had a reason to find her family.
Since that time she served dutifully, albeit with a rebellious and rather sardonic streak, but dutifully none the less. She has been a spy, an assassin, a thief, and a double agent. All of it accomplished with magic gifted to her by Shadow Lords. Her current charge involves infiltrating her home city and aiding the War's Tallyman in his efforts to recover an artifact from beneath the city. She's desperate to make his mission a success for should it begin to go sour his backup methods are well known for their apocalyptic results. Something she wouldn't wish on her home or any of Tairos' surviving cities for that matter

Physical Description

Body Features

While in her human guise she appears as a perfect specimen of the species, healthy, attractive, and fit. When she allows her Gorgon nature to manifest she is covered in green skin, scales, a head full of writhing serpents and a pair of serpentine fangs.

Physical quirks

Even while in her human form her hair has a tendency to move about slightly from time to time. This is often barely noticeable but those paying close attention may catch the odd strand here or there falling in an unnatural way

Special abilities

As a full-blooded Gorgon she possesses dark vision, an exceptionally potent constitution, keen perception thanks to her head of serpents, and of course a gaze capable of turning living creatures to stone. This last ability can only be brought to bear when she is allowing her Gorgon self to manifest.
She can manifest her Gorgon appearance quickly but reverting back to her human self takes time and requires a mirror. She must be able to see herself and tend to cosmetic changes with a comb to her hair and a makeup brush to her skin. These items are only needed to focus her attention and efforts toward the change.

Apparel & Accessories

She tries to keep her clothing functional and basic so as not to draw undue attention during her work

Mental characteristics


Her early education took place in Frial at the local school house near her family's workshop. After the age of 13 her education took place within the halls of the Shadow Lord's palace.


She is a servant of the Shadow Court but between tasks handed down by their agents she has been known to take up odd jobs for local Black Thorn members as well as contacts in the Arcane Underground of Frial

Accomplishments & Achievements

Keeping her family hidden from the eyes of the Court

Intellectual Characteristics

cynical, possessing of a dark humor, slow to trust, protective of Frial

Personality Characteristics


Serve the Shadow Court and accomplish their tasks in the least violent fashion possible. She also hopes to curb their scornful tendencies toward more palatable actions when possible.


Like most women of class from Frial she adorns the scents crafted at DeArmis Fragrances


Contacts & Relations

The Arcane Underground of Frial, Black Thorn Society , the headmasters of Wagner Abbey

Wealth & Financial state

She has a comfortable level of wealth to help accomplish tasks and get by. The Court does not supply their agents with much wealth beyond the minimum needed. Wealth leads to questions and they do not want outsiders asking questions. Anything beyond what she is given by the Court comes from he odd jobs she picks up from contacts in Frial
Current Location
Current Residence
Presented Sex
144 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
The Common Tongue , Elven, Fae


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