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What had been is no longer. The world of Aenea, the world which Tarja breathed her life and magic into at the dawning of time has died and been recreated as a shadow of its former glory. The disappearance of magic, the rise of technology, the end of the world, all that has passed by and the new world of Taikangard is slowly awakening. The songs of magic again pass through the world of mortals. The dance of time is moving forward through the wreckage of the world that was. Magic is scarce and civilization is waging a constant war of survival against the waking wilderness which broods under the three moons of Taikangard.   In this new world, mortalkind is divided. The ancient ones, Elves and Dwarves have sealed themselves away in their forest strongholds and mountain citadels to rediscover and protect their mastery over magic as the lesser mortals try to tame the unexplored wilderness. The Starkin, Tieflings, Aasimar, and Dullahan have experienced strange changes in the arcane flux. Tieflings have become more numerous and more human, with fewer ties to the outer planes, whereas Aasimar and Dullahan have nearly disappeared from mortal memory altogether.   The lesser mortals, the mortals who must use wrote or prayer to access the hymn of magic: Men, Beastkin (Lycans, Gnolls, and Tabaxi), Halflings, Goblins, and Orcs are scattered throughout the lands in petty kingdoms and strongholds. Once, at the beginning of this age, these creatures were united by Varien, the half-Elven Lord of the Twilight Throne and his Knights of the Crystal Bond. Noble Varien was able to keep these rival creatures and civilizations in unity and growth for a time, but upon his death this unity fades away, upheld by some, longed for by many, subverted and forgotten by most.   Into this world of brutal beauty and rediscovery your characters are born, live, and will eventually die, trying to carry forth light into the shadows at the corners of the map.