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Cernai (Kehrn-eye)

Living in scattered tribal communities deep within the Elderwood, the Cernai are a race of satyr-like humanoids with a deep connection to Druidic magic. While the exact nature of their origins remains a mystery, it's commonly believed that they, like the Elves, may have some connection to the Fae Realm, and they have acted as an intermediary between the Fae and Mortal Realms in the past. While they prefer to keep to themselves, in order to focus on their duties as guardians of the natural places of the world, the Cernai are nonetheless willing to interact with outsiders when needed, provided they respect the lands they protect.

Basic Information


All Cernai have a humanoid build, with a coat of fur similar to that of a deer covering their entire bodies. Their legs are similar to the hind legs of ordinary deer and end in hooves, though their arms are human-like, ending in hands with four fingers and a thumb. The head of a Cernai is human-like, with the exception of their deer-like ears and antlers.

Biological Traits

Both genders have antlers, though the ones on males tend to be larger and more impressive.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Cernai give birth to live young, with pregnancies lasting around 8-9 months.

Growth Rate & Stages

Infant: 0-2
Child: 3-12
Adolescence: 13-18
Young adult: 19-25
Adulthood: 26-49
Elder: 50+

Ecology and Habitats

The Cernai prefer to live in forests, or other remote, natural places.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Cernai predominantly eat vegetables, grains, and (on the occasions when they can get them) fruits.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Females tend to have softer facial features than males, males are capable of growing facial hair. All Cernai have antlers and deer-like ears.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Cernai are found throughout the Elderwood, and have established communities in other parts of Imera that haven't been disturbed by civilisation.

Average Intelligence

The Cernai have average intelligence. Additionally, they have a keen sense of direction, and can recall areas that they've travelled through with great accuracy.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Cernai have a keen sense of hearing. Additionally, the Cernai are deeply connected to Druidic magic, allowing them a near unmatched mastery over it compared to most other races. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of causing great discomfort and distress (sometimes verging on a full-on anxiety attack) if a Cernai is placed in an area with little to no Druidic magic (like a heavily urbanized city), forcing many Cernai to limit their outside contact to villages and small towns.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Cernai have an Irish/Gaelic feel to their names.

Male: Darragh, Ardghal, Naoise, Cadwr, Ysgawyn, Oran, Tadhg, Bricriu, Imar, Pwyll
Female: Sorcha, Niamh, Tyra, Brona, Fiadh, Meabh, Eimear, Aisling, Clodagh, Orlaigh

Beauty Ideals

The Cernai consider a fit, healthy physique to be attractive.

Gender Ideals

Men are generally considered to be protectors and providers, while women are considered to be healers and caretakers.

Courtship Ideals

It's often the male who courts the female, and doing so during a time of plenty (such as a harvest) is considered good luck.

Relationship Ideals

The Cernai are monogamous, and both partners are expected to contribute equally to the relationship.

Average Technological Level

Due to their spiritual connection to Druidic magic, the Cernai are unable to use Magitech, limiting their technology to a more tribal stage.

Common Etiquette Rules

In accordance with their reverence for the natural world, it's considered proper etiquette to only take what you need, and to not let anything go to waste.

Common Dress Code

Cernai clothing tends to be loose to allow for freedom of movement, and are made from natural materials.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Cernai have a deep respect for the natural world, a trait that appears in many aspects of their culture. Any structures or settlements they build are constructed in such a way as to avoid disturbing the surrounding area as much as possible, and when taking food or material from their surroundings, the Cernai only take as much as they need. In this way, the Cernai strive to preserve nature, and any actions that despoil it in any way are looked down on as barbarous.

Due to the fact that the boundary between the Fae and Mortal Realms is particularly thin in the Elderwood, the Cernai have had plenty of contact with various Fae spirits. This has, unsurprisingly, greatly affected their culture, with the Cernai coexisting alongside, and regularly having dealings with, Fae spirits (including Dryads, Treants, and Sprites), travelling between the to realms, and even establishing a few tribes in the Fae Realm. All of this has made the Cernai one of the most knowledgeable races in matters related to the Fae Realm, and they have often served as intermediaries during interactions between the Mortal and Fae Realms because of this knowledge.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

While the Cernai prefer to interact with outsiders only when necessary, they do have good relations with the Wood Elves. Interestingly, they also have particularly good relations with the denizens of the Fae Realm, including the Dryads and Treants that wander the deeper parts of the Elderwood, and frequently interact with them, often serving as an intermediary during their interactions with the Mortal Realm.
Average Height
Male: 5'9" Female: 5'4"
Average Weight
Male: 73kg Female: 65kg
Average Physique
The Cernai have a physique similar to most humanoids, ranging from slim to lean.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Cernai have fur ranging from various shades of brown, reddish-brown, greyish-brown, and grey, often with white spots.
Geographic Distribution
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