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1st Moradin of The Fading, 125 S.I.

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Taetian is home to young and budding civilizations. Some of which have only now emerged from a long, dark Iron Age. Several nations have sprouted up to lay claim to the vast stretches of untamed wilderness and the various resources to be had within.   Ghoral is the largest continent of Taetian. Here you will Find four great nations as well as a selection of smaller city-states and kingdoms. Of the goodly races, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Humans all call Ghoral home. Ghoral is also the first place that the Elves entered into the Material Plane from their home in the Feywilds.   The nations of Ghoral are desperate to carve out a safe haven of civilization wherever possible. In the Southwest The Cerulean Empire, in the Northwest The Kingdom of Umbrica, The Dwarven Alliance of Kovar, and The Elven Republic. In the east lies the powerful City State on Ank'Harel. In the southeast rests the Lawless Lands and in the northeast is the expansive Xavorian Jungle.   Ghoral is a land in flux. As the various peoples of the continent fight to claim a life against ravenous monsters and insidious plots, it will take beings of great skill faith and intellect to secure Ghoral's future.