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1830 EK

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Taanoth, the realm of mortals. A place of magic and life. It is here that men, elves, dwarves and many others make their home.   It has been decades since the gods walked the world, spreading their teachings, and warding off the Dark Powers. Instead, they have locked themselves away, for while the Black War was innumerable years ago for mortalkind, they remember the horrors of that dreadful time. However, thanks to the sacrifice of Asyn, the sun goddess, the Dark Powers are locked in their own realm, and so the two forces work tirelessly to exert their wills over their "mortal subjects".   But the minds of mortals are not so simple as those above them believe, and even the gods must give way to the great machines of politics and ambition. To the north, the great desert nation of Vahmentep tries to find ways to overcome the Oteclan jungle, so that they may march on the rest of the world and show their power. Meanwhile, in the mountainous region of Daedria, great mountaintop cities house arcane colleges, their studies guarding the world against the Wastes to their north. Nations of all kinds vie for power and position.