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Ta Moräłł

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The world was shaped by an unknown higher power that is still disputed to this day, and is a world of both utter beauty and utter hate. Each country is shaped by the events of mortal and immortal alike, and only the best of such have lived to see a world that now explores further than it ever has before, becoming more intertwined and mechanical. An industrial revolution is on the rise, and empires are becoming more and more prevalent and ruthless.     The gods have all but abandoned this plane and so only the interpretation of their lessons and the morality of the mortals has guided them on their own path. When the monsters came from the dark islands some 5000 years ago, the world became full of fear, anger and disloyalty.     Whilst this new world is more safe and secure from much known monsterous threat, the darkening of mortals has already begun, and a man with the soul of pure goodness is becoming harder and harder to find. Only the smart may prevail, until the vengeance of all arrives...