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LandWhale's Respite Loose gravity

Far in the North East of Crater there is a section of tall stone pillars that reach far into the clouds. This is the birthplace of magnificent beasts that are known as Land Whales. Giant beasts that fly through the sky with grace and don't seem to be hostile. There in their home the gravity seems to not be as harsh as the rest of the planet. About half as effective as the natural gravity. Jumping and any movement at all seems to be dialed to the max. Fall damage seems to be nonexistant and even the slightest propulsion upward will send you gliding through the air. Most Oblairians take advantage of the air here and live amongst the Land Whales working in a symbiotic realtionship.


There is no way to actually see the shift in gravity change, but the air will feel lighter and easier to breathe.


This effect only happens once you pass the tall stone pillars of LandWhale's Respite. As soon as you leave the gravity shifts back to normal.


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