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Chrome Carbonized Chopper

The Chrome Carbonized Chopper is a special type of vehicle designed by Zanba himself to cut through the sands and rock on the surface of Crater. At a max speed of 120 feet per round powered by nothing but 1lb of Carbham (carbon dipped in Bhama). The Carbham can be substituted by 10lbs of normal Carbon. The Chopper was created by Zanba "The Chromed Chaos" in the effort to compete with the councils own speeders.

Power Generation

The power generator is located right behind where the driver is seated. Behind the cushioned seat and between the back thrusters. This is powered by Carbham or just a large amount of Carbon. Typically one pound of Carbham will last an entire day of constant speeding. If no Carbham is available then 10lbs of Carbon will suffice for the 1lb of Carbham. There is a compartment in the front of the speeder covered by the chrome front where you insert your desired fuel.


Like most other vehicles there are gravity shifters at the base of the vehicle to make the ride faster and smoother. The back thrusters are some of the most compact thrusters you'll find made on crater. Not the most durable but the fastest.

Weapons & Armament

While originally there is no weapons mounted on the Chopper it can easily be augmented to mount a rifle on the front or back end of the speeder.

Armor and defense

The head of this vehicle has a nice chrome finish on the two spearhead metal protrusions meant to cut through rough terrain that comes to a point in the center. The rest of the chopper doesn't have much armor as the purpose of it is to outrun any gunfire.
Creation Date
45 AL
250 DewDrops
Related Technologies
10 feet
2 feet
75 lbs
120 feet
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
2 maximum

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