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Bhama infused technology

With the aid of High Chancellor Brentalas Darnet and the first Zenith High Council they were able to find a way to use Bhama as fuel and ammunition for all their ships and weapons. While drinking Bhama is perfectly legal it is slightly frowned upon as a glass of Bhama would be able to fuel a ship for 2 complete travels between close planets. The weapons and vehicles all get enhanced by the Bhama fire faster and run smoother. Bhama if implamented correctly can be used as a quick first aid for their mechanical equipment. The Bhama somehow has healing properties for metal and other mechanical products.


Bhama infused tech is very powerful and widely sought after by those who want to abuse the advanced technology of Crater. The uses for Bhama is endless and most of the time Bhama gets smuggled out of Crater as contraband.


Only Zenith High Council are allowed to augment Bhama and release it out for the public to purchase.

Social Impact

Due to this discovery Crater was able to prosper 100 times faster than normal. Even giving them a seat at the Geltar Universal Assembly.
Access & Availability
This is not very common and is quite expensive comparatively to normal vehicles or weapons, but the payout is worth it for sure.
Bhama actually makes whatever it is infused into easier to use and makes the ramifications less harmful.
At first Bhama was only seen as a way to aid in thirst, but then one day when a Tala-ni member of the council had some of it spill onto their injured body, the liquid seemed to mend and patch up the would. Building it back stronger than before. This one event was the catalyst for the production of Bhama use as more than just water.
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