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The Archive of Lost Dreams

A mythical repository of the dreams of all beings in T'sara

Purpose / Function

Created by the Melah, the God of the night, and Tyris, God of time, the Archive of Lost Dreams was built so that dreams could be stored and accessed. Before the Archive was built, dreams were dangerous. They would become ethereal after the dreamer awoke, and at times even materialize into the living world. These also made dreams food and prey for the Fey, beings of pure chaos and energy. To prevent a possible incursion, and to help all living beings, the Archive was built. Dreams travel here on their own, and are cared for by The Sleep Walker.


The only resident of the Archive is the Sleep Walker, the eternal custodian of the facility. They are responsible for the defense of the Archive and its contents, as well as perusing and curating the dreams.


The internal structure of the Archive expands and alters itself it constantly to accommodate the number of dreamers. When every soul dreams for the first time, a new book appears, and a page fills each time the soul dreams again. The Archive was built so that it will never run out of space, and so that no Codex of Dreams will ever have to be discarded.


The external structure of the Archive was an illusion, into the face of a mountain so as to avoid detection. Any number of forces would be interested in the Archive, and it needs to be kept secret. On the inside, the Archive has ornate marble floors and support beams. The exterior walls of the Archive are clear like glass. Through these walls, one can see immense swirls of raw magic coalesce around the Archive at all times.
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26 Jan, 2023 22:05

I love the idea that dreams used to be dangerous and that the gods had to build a place where the dreams would go to. I wish we knew why the dreams go here voluntarily though: do they do it of their own accord, or did the gods make them to?