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The Masters of the Maelstrom

The masters of the Maelstrom are a cult operating out of the Great Cardinal. They have a wish to see the situations regarding the planer tears worsen, so that they can harness the magics and the weakened walls between the planes to call the Leviathan to the Speculo sea and rule it.   The Cult recently attempted to assassinate Romilius Cato, after catching wind of his search for the wreck of the Wyrmchaser, a quarry they are also after. They are aware of Romilius' plan to secure the Stabilize the Syphon. Whereas they require its Instability. They believe that the Wyrmchaser may have been carrying a relic that would act as a clue to the whereabouts of the Syphon.   The cult is small, with only five members:

  • Phrophet Johan - A sea elf who claims to have seen a vision of a glorious world beneath the waves. He has assembled a few followers, to whom his ideology of a great undersea empire appeals.
  • Malta Saltheart - A Triton and Lifelong friend of Johan. A skilled man at arms.
  • Coral and Aufilia - Sea Elf twins who's reef home has been badly damaged by a new shipping route put in place by the Iuvian industry. They have been swayed to the cause by Johan. Coral carried out the recent assassination attempt.
  • Kepto the Fishmonger - An old, kind-hearted tortle. He took in Coral and Aufilia after their home was destroyed and was moved by their cause. He is here really to keep an eye on them, and ensure they get out if this starts to go to far. He is not pleased with the recent assassination attempt on Romilius, and is urging them to leave.

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