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The Iuvenis Dynasty


For the denizens of the known world, be they Elf, Dwarf, Man or any of the many races that scatter the globe, there is one nation that rushes immidiately to mind when topics turn to human civilisations. That is the Iuvenis Dynasty. A proud and mighty naval empire that stands as a monument to human innovation and determination, a bastion of their will and splendeour - the beating heart of the Human kingdoms scattered accross the globe.   The Iuvenis Dynasty rules from the Great Cardinal, the jewel of their empire - and indeed human civilisation as a whole. The city serves as the seat of power for the fourteenth sovereign of the empire - Imperitrix Pricilla Iuvia - a supposedly direct decendent of the first emperor Felix Iuvia. It is traditional for the reigning Imperial Sovereign to take the name "Iuvia" as their own last name to symbolise their devotion to the empire, and to symbolise their seperation from the noble house of their birth, as the Imperial Sovereign is required to be a neutral party in matters of law and state.  


The people of the Iuvenis dynasty and its territories are generally well educated and rather diplomatic. People are friendly and often charming, however with man this comes froma desire to gain favour with the other party, and not from genuine feelings. Shopkeepers and officials are known for flattery and smooth pursuasion, as they try to win customer loyalty or popular support. Even people on the street will try to win all the friends they can, in the hope of calling in favours down the line. This makes people of other cultures often suspicious of Iuvians.    


The Dynasty's main cities lie on the mainland island Iuvia, after which the dynasty and its peoples are named. The island is home to three large coastal cities, all boasting impressive ports and buisness hubs. The rest of the empire's territory is scattered over the remaining Iuvian Islands and accross the Speculo Sea, over which it maintains absolute naval dominance. The Dynasty holds three overseas territories, along coastal regions of some of the continental landmasses of the known world.  

The Motherland Phenomenon

Although in naval strength the Dynasty is certainly without equal, their millitary power when looked at as a whole is matched by many other human nations - even happily outmatched by some of the more milliteristic realms. To be sure, the they are far from the most powerful nation in terms of their own millitary. Historically however they have no real need for a strong millitary, as they hold a huge diplomatic advantage over their rivals.   The key to this advantage does not lie with a single person, faction or indeed in the Dynasty itself. Instead it lies within the heart and the mind of every human decended from the ancient denizens of Iuvia which, all things considered, is nearly every human in the known world. Iuvia is the supposed birthplace of mankind after all. All but a few, who can trace their ansecrty back to other sources, have Iuvian blood in their veins and this has seemingly caused a stange phenominon.   Humans the world over feel a calling, a connection, to the Great Cardinal that seems to trancend rational emotion. The call can be so strong that it is rumored that even people who have never heard of the city, have sometimes set off towards it. The city calls to them, and they come in droves from the far corners of the word to undertake pilgrimages and see the city for themselves. Whatever it is that connects them to the Great Cardinal, it is exeptionally hard to convince those of Iuvien decent to take arms against their motherland, and equally as hard to stop them marching to its aid should she come under threat. This means that, although skirmishes along boarders or on the seas are not unheard of, a march on the Great Cardinal itself would gain little ground.


The Iuvenis Dynasty operates as a limited monarchy with the Imperator acting as head of state and a figurehead of government, without complete power.   A senate of 180 elected members acts as the main governing body, with the Imperitor taking the 181st seat. Being elected to the senate is no small matter, and senators are powerful and respected memebers of society, often occompinied by one or more member of the Praetorian Guard. Only members of noble families, or high ranking guild members may join the senate, and each new member must be voted in by a majority of the senate or appointed by the Imperator.   The senate may pass laws and edicts without the permission or approval of the Imperitor if it desires, and the Imperitor may do the same, although it would be viewed as a worrying move. Any decisions made by the Imperator may be vitod by the senate with a two thirds majority in favour of the vito. Likewise any decisions made by the senate may be vitod by the Imperator provided the decision is less made by a majority of less than two thirds. It is also the senate's duty to elect a new Imperator when the time comes.   While the Imperator cannot be present the Imperator Dicere - The voice of the Imperator - has the power to speak on their behalf. The Dicere cannot vito a proposal on the Imperator's behalf howvever they are able to postpone a vote for one month to allow the Imperator to return and make the vito themselves.  

People of Note

  • Imperitrix Pricilla Iuvia - Empress of the Iuvenis Dynasty
  • Cassius Cato - Imperator Dicere
  • Juliano Gratianus - Delegate of Bureaus
  • Laurentina Augusta- Delegate of Treasurey
  • Antonius Marius - Legatus Augusti (Head of Millitary)

The first to stand. The last to fall.

Organisational Type

Geopolitical - Empire  

Governmental System

Limited Monarchy  


The Grand Cardinal  


Imperitrix Pricilla Iuvia

Controlled Territories


The Speculo Sea


Overseas Territories

  • The Stormshattered Coast
  • Bloodsand Shore
  • The Wildwater Delta

Trade Agreement, Millitary Access arrangement

The human citizens of the Pheonix Kingdom can trace their ancestry back to the Iuvian mean who had settled on the land 1000 years before. Because of this there is a good affinity between the two nation, although the Iuvenis Dynasty harbours some distrust in the Pheonix kingdom due to its close relationship with the Realm of Elemental Majesty.

Trade Agreement

Having historically clashed very often, the two nations are very wary of eachother. The Iuvian Dynasty has lost territories, wealth and armies to the power of the Sultanate over the years and it is a grudge that still sits close to their hearts. After the loss of the entire Sunken Archepeligo however, it became clear that the Realm of Elemental Majasty was simply too powerful for the Dynasty to handle without the aid of more than just human nations.   The last 300 years have seen the Iuvenis Dynasty grow considerably in however and have been largely peaceful, yet the bitter wars are still a sore point for Iuvian Historians. The trade between the two nations is however, extremely profitable for both parties, and Genasi are becoming a common sight around the Iuvian Islands as relations between the two powers have turned to trade agreements.

Trade Agreement

The Iuvenis Dynasty has always been wary of the Sovreignty veiwing them as pompus, reclusive, adverse to change and a potential threat to their allies overeas. The Enternal Sovereignty on the other hand views the Iuvinis Dynasty as rash, destructive and a potential threat to their way of life and the stability of the world.   While neither side are likely to agree a trade agreement is too profitable, and too good an oppertunity to gather inteligance, than either side is willing to turn down.

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