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MS Horizon

Mission Ship Horizon. A vessel designed to contribute to humanitarian missions by providing offshore water purification services to civilian populations. The state-of-the-art ship was still under construction during the Crush. Today it sits in drydock, the last of its kind awaiting its final components. Should it ever be completed, it would completely change the Five Waters. A dedicated few protect the ship while trying to finish it. A powerful few have a vested interest in seeing that it never gets there.


Horizon is housed in a pre-Crush ship assembly facility at Anchorage, located at the boundary between Moraine and Petrolia. A sprawling, fortified navalplex, Anchorage protects Horizon from prying eyes and, more importantly, from the elements waiting to corrode its thin hull.

Anchorage and its defenders inevitably attract settlers to the surrounding ghost town, lured by the idea that they'll be safer and better off. However, they also draw raiders which, combined with the inability of the defenders to protect much beyond the walls of Anchorage, inevitably forces the settlers back from where they came. That hasn't stopped the defenders however from occasionally trying to overextend themselves by defending Anchorage and the people nearby.

A Dedicated Few

Only a few factions are permanently based at Anchorage. however their not the only ones leading the effort to complete MS Horizon. Rewilders, Internationals, CDGs, and Commissioners coordinate from there, while Voyageurs, Bloomers and Fusionists coordinate from further afield. All are dedicated to the future that Horizon promises. All have something essential to contribute to the task; only by cooperating and collaborating with one another can they hope to achieve it.

Meanwhile, the chem corps consistently makes public statements in support of the effort. From time to time, they even offer a modest amount of funding for the project. Unfortunately, as they like to reiterate, they lack the technical expertise to provide any further assistance and they have the important task of manufacturing synthetics, the only proven method that renders water drinkable - 'humanity's lifeline.'

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Cover image: by Paul Einerhand


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