Naro Velis, Betrayed

Trust is hard to come by

Guest article by: Flardun, aka Naro Velis

Waking up with a sudden shocking pain across his face Naro launches out bed. His room empty but mind full of ideas. The battle is still early in its conflict, but the strategies and movements are soaring. Know for his strategic talents Naro has finally teamed up with his partner Markus; an entity that is rumored to have power that may exceed many of the top troops. The two are finally ready to continue their personal battles. The Dark Elves MUST fall. Their decrepit views and hateful values must be snuffed out for Naro to be satisfied and Markus' prophesied plans to happen.   After quickly dressing in his bodysuit, Naro enters the captain's tent. Surrounded by human allies he feels comfortable. The strategic battle begins with many people throwing out ideas and plans to assure victory, but after some time a combination of Naro's and a young general's plan is agreed upon. A large squad led by Naro and Markus will lead the charge with a secondary force waiting to flank. An additional squad of traitor dark elves backing up the initial group is the first battle plan to give the humans a glimmer of hope.   Early on in the battle it seems like everything is going well. Between Naro's natural strategic mind and Markus' intense battle prowess the front line is tearing through the elves. Lashing out with his many arms Markus is able to take on multiple enemies at once. But as the battle continues there almost seems like an abnormal amount of elves reinforcement's. Countless are falling but countless more are continuing to show up.   "We only can do this for so long Markus" Naro lashes out at his ally while gasping for air.   "It's nothing more than a hurdle in our plan. Our key moment is just around the corner my old friend!"   Invigorated by his allies words, Naro continues into the battle. The "key" moment has always been his goal, and now it's closer than ever. The words of Markus' plan has driven him and this war for so long, and hearing that it will happen soon surge's his energy. The elves continue to fall one by one as the human forces approach the trench the elves were thought to be coming from. Yet the end of their numbers always seems to be out of sight.   After what felt like ages and countless more Dark Elves the Markus announces "There it is. The dark elf leader is straight ahead!"   Naro can see it finally. The raw power of the leader is magnificent. The aura of a true necromancer is staggering with countless souls flying around him. This is why the army seemed to never end. This is why these dark elves need to die. A chance to finally take down someone so vile that they'd resort to stopping the dead from reaching their piece. He must...and will be stopped!   Bursting through the front line guard the human's are finally in reach of the infamous Dark Elf general. The stories of his never ending forces has finally been revealed. Naro can taste his moment in history.   "MARKUS WE'VE DONE IT!" Naro cheers. "THE KEY MOMENT OF OUR DESTINY HAS FINALLY HAPPENED!"   "I'm sorry Naro." Markus whispers to his friend. "But that wasn't the key moment I've told you about...this is"   A blade suddenly bursts through Naros chest from behind. Blood spewing forward a clean and brutal hit right through one of his lungs and his heart.   Naro looked down immediately in shock. Blood beginning to flow from his mouth he can only gasp for air. The blood soaked blade is etched in runes he recognizes...It's one of the Dark Elves blades he had seen before. Turning around slowly grasping for life while Markus remains silent. Peering up at the face he sees one of the traitor elves that had been an ally. But in her eyes he only see's sadness. Tears running down her face she shouts at him.   "You let that demon into your heart and he corrupted you" she cried out. "How could you turn on your own people like that for that...that THING!? THAT MONSTER!"   Memories of her face floods Naro's mind as he slips to the ground unable to stop the darkness from taking over taking his vision.   It was someone he had known.   Someone he had loved.   Someone he had called...mother.


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