Prompt 1 - Deities, Pantheon, Religion

Who (or What) are the Deities in Your Region?
Describe the god or gods that are revered by the people in your region. Are they active or passive when it comes to events in your region? If active, how much so?

Suggested Topics

  • Are there different deities for different spheres of influence (or domains, or whatever you'd like to call them?)
  • Do the gods walk among the people? Do they send avatars? Messengers? Prophets?
  • What about false prophets? Are they just misguided folks? Or are they sent by rival gods?
  • Are there collaborations or conflicts among the gods? Alliances? Rivalries? Hatreds? How do these manifest among the followers of these gods?
  • Are there organized religions in your region? Are there conflicts among them if more than one?
  • If the gods are now passive, were they ever more active? Did their past interventions actually occur, or are they just part of a mythology that has evolved?
  • Having no deities at all is fine, but then you may wish to discuss what caused society to settle on a set of norms for good and bad behavior.
  • Whether you have 'real' deities or not... what about ancestor worship? Past hero worship? Sects or cults around important historical figures?

Submission Guidelines

  1. Make sure you're pointing to the Synergasia world when you create your article.
  2. The Suggested template above is just that - a suggestion. If you really think a different template is more appropriate, then use it. If you have a customized template that you want to use, then use it.
  3. In the event that your new article introduces something that changes something in your region's Canon article, please highlight this somehow. (A note in the footnotes will be sufficient!)

Suggested Template(s)

To describe a pantheon (and briefly describe its members), the Organization template is best. This is also the best template to describe a Religion.

To describe a single deity in more detail, you may wish to use the Person template (which has a Deity sub-tab available in the template-specific section.)

The Rules

The only rule in Synergasia is that your worldbuilding is restricted to your area unless you are actively collaborating with a neighbor. If you are collaborating, let us know and we'll make an entry in the Canon articles to notate it.

Other than that, your region is your world. Go for it!

There are no prizes... no judging. An article with 300 words is probably the low end of "enough to be useful", and more than 1500-2000 becomes a "wall of text" that will frighten people off. But there are no hard restrictions on minimum or maximum word count.

We will review your article and will, from time to time, extract certain facts to be included in your region's "Canon" article. These articles will be guides for you in the future, and for anyone you wish to collaborate with. ("Canon" will include things like capital cities... names of rivers, settlements, deities... major past or present events... wars... conquests... You get the idea.)


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