Air-pressure Prosthetics

Lost limbs of The Grayfolk are usually replaced with simplistic prosthetics. These allow for simple actions, but nothing complicated. As a result, users often will be less efficient at their job, or get exhausted quicker. Especially craftsfolk will have a hard time compensating for their lost limb.   While a few special versions exist, these are both very expensive and hard to manufacture. And with the lack of Steam-engines involved, the upper class cares little for these inventions. For the Conventionalists, when it's not fancy, it's not worth investing in. As such, for a long time these inventions went nowhere.   However, the Industrialists saw an opening they could exploit. They hired inventors, supported their research, and through this managed to get more-precise prosthetics constructed. Then, they recruited craftsfolk by offering said prosthetics as payments. A person's silence is easily bought when they are treated well and feel a lifelong gratitude towards their saviour.   Research continued and prosthetics kept improving. Some can now be controlled with muscle movements in the residual limbs, allowing for a far smaller harness. Improvements also include hands manipulated with air compression, which allows for solid grasps. Using replacable air cannisters, these are especially popular with blacksmiths.   Older versions of the prosthetics are now being produced at a larger scale, used by the Industrialists to aid people all over Grayburn. Working with the craftsmen that used to sell simpler prosthetics, they are now attempting to get these replacements to anyone in need. Only the highest quality prosthetics are still reserved for recruiting purposes.


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21 Dec, 2020 21:26

As the wife of an amputee, I'd like to compliment your research and understanding on this. I would love to see this expanded, learn a few more details about how the air compression system works, and maybe see some images (though I sure know that public domain images for prosthetics are near impossible to find.) Good job overall and this deserves more attention than it has so far received.

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21 Dec, 2020 21:48

I'm glad I managed to do the subject some justice, did some digging into both Victorian and modern prosthetics to make a proper article on these. I fear my technological know-how isn't good enough right now to properly describe how the air-compression system works, it's mainly meant as a Steampunk alternative to small electromotors.

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