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  Armed with sharp and gigantic claws and fangs, the Doisu is a dangerous inhabitant of the mountains, built for navigating snow and dangerous, steep terrain. They are considered a simple creature, though it is thought that they may be able to raise very simple pacts with species such as the tetsus.
Demographics Doisu
Distribution of the Doisu species in the archipelago by Naelin
Simple Species
9 to 12 years
Average Height
80cm to the withers
Geographic Distribution

Physical characteristics

The doisu is a quadruped mammal covered in a thick layer of fur, usually grey or light brown, that grows longer on their back legs and tail. They have three fingers on each paw, with the two front paws having big and wide claws, while the two back feet have hooves. In their head, they have two smooth horns pointing backwards above the head (Which they use for fighting other doisus for territory, as well as a display of good health on mating season), as well as a diamond-shaped flat horn in the middle of the brow. Their upper canines are very oversized, protruding from the sides of their mouth by even 10 cm.   They are not very big, standing usually 80cm tall to the base of the neck, but they are able to hunt down large herbivores such as sceapilions if the situation arises, thanks to their strong neck muscles and long claws. The doisu are dangerous to the societarians, as they have no qualms hunting them down.


Doisus can be found in the hills and montanious terrains of the archipelago, as well as the tundra plains, on the islands of Thaur, Karte and Red Crest. They are a populous species and a common sighting of the hills in each of the three islands.


The doisu are carnivore ambush predators that live alone and wander the hills and tundras maintaining a vast territory. They are moderately territorial, usually tolerating some overlap in the territory of each individual, but can fight each other with their horns if they find another individual outside of mating season. They never use their fangs for fighting other doisu, and their battles are short and non-lethal.
They reunite for mating only, after which the females raise their litters of 2 to 6 cubs on their own. The females usually have a litter every two years, and the cubs start living by themselves at around 2 years old.

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