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Crying Bulb Soup

"Cry as you make your soup, and your sorrows will be washed away"
— Common saying
Written by the high-end chef Alue on the 18th of Burning, 9 E.Ru.
A visitor to the Haan Archipelago would be hard pressed to find a kitchen in the whole island that doesn't store a little pile of crying bulbs.
The plant, famous for making the eyes of the societarians chopping them get irritated and running with tears, is well worth its associated suffering for the incredible versatility and taste it adds to a plethora of dishes.   However, the humble crying bulb is usually a supporting character for most recipes that include it, and rarely takes the protagonist's role.   One of the exceptions to this rule is the glorious crying bulb soup, a staple comfort food for many inhabitants of (to the best of my knowledge) every single one of the Trade Islands.
While a lot of people, unconvinced by this rare case of bulb-protagonism, will add the pale meat of the idradelta to their concoction, I must beg you to heed my words and give a chance to the perfumed bulbs to show you their best qualities on their own.   There is a belief and a saying, probably originated in Red Crest, that preparing and consuming crying bulb soup while one is feeling emotionally unwell will improve one's mood, not only thanks to the soup's quality as a filling and hearty meal, but because the preparation will force the person to cry, helping them release their bottled feelings or maybe diverting the cause of the tears they were already pouring. It is said that the crying will "Wash away the person's sorrows"   The reader is free to choose how much credit they will give to this theory, but regardless of any therapeutic pretensions, I can ensure they will be able to turn this classic meal into a refined expression of culinary arts by carefully following some of the techniques and little tricks that this high-end chef has gathered through his lifetime (...)
Alue by Naelin
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
One-Shot Adventure: The Stews Must Survive
Plot | Jul 9, 2023

Help preserve the cuisine culture of a dead nation in this one-shot adventure!


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18 Dec, 2022 21:34

Very nice and concise article with an in world view of onion equivalent and Archipelago onion soup. :)

18 Dec, 2022 22:47

This is really clever.

Cory Cowley's Fawn by Sarah Thoonen
15 Jan, 2023 03:47

Renaming onions "crying bulbs" is cute! I like the little bit of lore where the soup is a comfort food specifically in that it's supposed to ease sadness

Sage UnagiLogic
Bryan Bolstad
18 Jan, 2023 20:43

New Year's Resolution challenge Constructive Feedback: Although the rules said only constructive feedback, I'd like to do a little of both.   I really like how right as you load into the article, you're presented a common saying quote. Not only is the quote compelling, but it is accompanied by a unique border around the quote. Very creative and enticing which makes me want to continue reading. I appreciate the snippets of information as you hover over "Haan Archipelago" and "societarians". These help me build context and stay investing in reading vs wondering what the words could mean. Knowing that the article was written by a high-end chef within the world, helps me dive deeper into the culture. Also it being in its own bubble is useful and visually appealing.   For some constructive feedback, when I looked at the artwork of the miniature holding the bowl of soup, I could not immediately see how it added value to the written article. A consideration is, if this kangaroo is indeed the high-end chef Alue, then adding a nameplate under or above their image will help the reader immediately tie the picture to the written words. One last bit of feedback would be as I read the last paragraph, I felt the article ending abruptly. When the chef described the techniques and little tricks they have learned in their lifetime, I wanted to learn more about what some of those techniques and tricks were. I think sprinkling a few of his life's work and wisdom will ensure the article feels like the chef poured his soul into making it for others. (hope that made sense :D)   I hope this feedback is helpful. Thanks again for the great read. Keep up the great work!

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19 Jan, 2023 22:29

Thank you very much for your in depth feedback, I really appreciate it! You are completely right about the picture of Alue: I forgot to add the art title to it. That is now fixed!
Unfortunately the circumstances at the time I wrote this article didn't allow me to write an actual recipe into it, but hopefully I might be able to expand on it in the future, after the WE prizes ceremony has passed.   In case you were not aware of how I did the snippets of information: Those are not tooltips but simply the excerpts of the corresponding articles. You can choose between having a preview of the linked article pop up or just the excerpt, and I chose the second for a more streamlined reading experience. It really helps convey information without having to add entire paragraphs to your text, especially those that would be difficult to justify for in-universe documents.   Thanks again for your feedback!

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Bryan Bolstad
2 Feb, 2023 14:20

Cool, Thanks for the information. Hope you have a great rest of the New Year!

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19 Jan, 2023 20:50

I'd be curious to know more about the cooking techniques and how crying bulbs are cultivated in this world. I loved that it's similar to onions.