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A selection of the best content from the Book of Habits and Beasts, Year 8 E.Alz edition

Veld by TJ

"Welcome, and thank you for reading this selection of articles from the Book of Habits and Beasts, the comprehensive encyclopaedia of the Haan Archipelago. I hope this inspires you to learn more about our beautiful lands as much as they have inspired me to write about them"
— Veld, the Imaginative

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A Runner Up

Some people were dissapointed that the Pink Rubber Ducky was not chosen as the best item. I am, too.

Pink Rubber Ducky
Item | Aug 18, 2021

A pink rubber duck of unknown origin

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The Haan Archipelago

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The Kidnapping of Kuja

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Tierras Mágicas

A childhood's toys world

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Cover image: The Book of Habits and Beasts by TJ & Naelin


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17 Oct, 2021 21:22

These are so goooood! I'm super proud of how much your worldbuilding has improved :D I love your maps so much <3

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior