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The Town Seat

By the Antique Plaza stands the building where the staff of Lasifor Nightpitch holds court.
The one who handles the daily business is Ader Gorinder, the last survivor of a small noble house that otherwise perished during The Great War.
There are also the relentless Tax Commissioner Dario, the Law Commissioner Asmerda and the Construction Commissioner Kalio Galeia – all of them recruited by the Mayor when the town was being built, and faithful to him ever since.
  The most popular character in the staff is Sanitary Commissioner Agramai Kalfas, not because he keeps the streets tidy but primarily because he often can be seen partying, dancing and carousing with the populace at the establishments by The Toad’s Square.
If master Agramai is among the guests you can be pretty sure that the evening and night will be a success – at least if you are interested in an all-nighter!
  The administration building also houses the Hall of Knights, a meeting and resting place for nobles visiting the Hold. Officially Suria Argona, the Queen’s Legate, is in charge of the activities in the Knight’s Hall, but it is commonly known that her father has taken over that role. Count Alkantor is a close friend of Lasifor Nightpitch and when parties are held in the Hall you can often see the roofed carriage of the Mayor parked outside the Town’s Seat. There are, however, persistent rumors saying that some specific nobles rarely accompany Lasifor to such events. If it is because they do not feel welcome or if it has to do with them wanting to distance themselves from the smaller houses is debated, but the representatives of House Kohinoor are said to never make more than occasional courtesy visits to the Hall. One should not make too much of such a trifle, but of course it contributes to the speculations regarding schisms among the nobles of Ambria.
Government complex

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