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Sacred of the Old Blood

The cult of nobles known as The Sacred of the Old Blood operates in obscurity. Lead by Korinthia’s stepfather, Duke Sesario, and his daughter Esmerelda, the group seeks to harness the dark powers of Davokar for two specific reasons: ennobling the already noble blood of Ambria, and bringing the undead Queen Mother Abesina back to actual life. To achieve this, they recruit nobles from all corners of the kingdom and convince them that noble blood can never be corrupted; mildly tainted at worst, and only if one’s blood is not noble enough.

These ambitious, unscrupulous people never get to meet anyone besides Esmerelda, and are kept unaware of one another (which, for instance, means that Lugander and Agramai Kalfas, also known as the Prince in Thistle Hold, do not know each other). They all contribute in various ways to exploring the powers of corruption. They also provide Esmerelda and Sesario with dark gifts, either stolen, bought or uncovered deep within the forest.
Secret, Occult

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