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House Melio

House Melion has built its status and reputation primarily on trade, starting about a hundred years ago when a rich gold deposit was discovered on their lands in Alberetor. One might think that them being allotted a relatively small and vulnerable county in the north was a mark of the Queen’s displeasure, but if so, this was rather misguided. In fact, it was precisely that kind of land Count Arnon had wanted. The idea is of course to use the river Doudram to transport the riches harvested from the woods of Davokar to trade centers such as Yndaros, Mergile, Agrella, Kurun, and nearby Ravenia.


Count Arnon has money coming out of his ears, and he grows richer every day the waters of the Doudram carry his ships between the family’s out- posts in Davokar and the cities in the south. Most of his wealth is used to establish new businesses, but he is also one of Ambria’s major moneylenders. Virtually all nobles in New Beretor owe him money, as do many families in the other duchies. Even the Curia borrowed thousands of thaler from the Count of Melion during the construction of Templewall. Rumor has it that the interest alone is enough to finance the county’s core businesses, and if this is true, House Melion should soon be the wealthiest in the entire kingdom.

Prominent Individuals

Aside from Count Arnon and his younger brother, Colonel Ralgai of the Royal Sekretorium, the members of House Melion keep a low profile. The Count’s daughter, Aelia, oversees the fam- ily’s trading houses in Yndaros and is famous in certain circles, while his older sister is known in a more specific crowd, namely by the inhabitants of the Refugee Camp – not as a member of House Melion, however, but as the secretive rebel queen Captain Kathia.


Thanks to their lending activities, the members of House Melion can expect a warm welcome more or less anywhere, and almost always with an exaggerated smile. Should they themselves be in need of information or more concrete assis- tance, it can usually be ensured with promises of small debts being canceled, interest-free periods, or new loans at favorable rates. Korinthia has recently displayed a certain coldness toward the Count, probably because she envies him or feels threatened by his growing fortune. But none of the house’s members are particularly worried – should the Queen become a problem, there are several other candidates who would undoubtedly appreciate their financial aid in overthrowing the monarch...
Geopolitical, Great house

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