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House Kohinoor

The Kohinoor family has ruled its people for almost three centuries. Aside from a few minor wars of conquest and some internal unrest caused by dearth, epidemics and rebellious vassals, their reign has been a peaceful time of collaboration, development and growing prosperity, which has given the fine arts room to flourish. This was all upended by the war with their eastern neighbor, but Queen Korinthia did actually emerge from the inferno stronger than ever. However, the question is how hard she can push her people (commoners as well as nobles) with high demands and contro- versial decisions before their love is muddled by objections; before the support she enjoys turns into open opposition.


House Kohinoor is very wealthy indeed. Rebuilding the Promised Land has not been cheap, but from the dying Alberetor, Korinthia brought with her vast riches confiscated from the estates of extinct noble houses and the treasury of the vanquished enemy. Furthermore, the Crown obtains tax revenue from the other duchies (the only exemption being Prios Domain) in addition to the tithe collected from counts and barons in Yndarien. The Queen and her council still have more than enough money to fund expeditions, infrastructure or wars of conquest.

Prominent Individuals

There is not much to be said about House Kohinoor’s prominent members. Many died on the black bat- tlefields of Alberetor, and those who remain are gathered at the royal palace or the stately homes of the dukes. Two members one hears very little about are Korinthia’s nearly hundred-year-old aunt Mesmerda, still clear-headed enough to be a cunning adviser, and the explorer calling himself Gorakai the Younger, who is known for having charted the sunken ruins of Clearwell. Gorakai is in fact Korinthia’s cousin and son of Duke Alesaro, but has distanced himself from his family after a bloody argument with his father.


Korinthia has more enemies than she knows. She still has the populace on her side, and enjoys the full support of Counties Herengol, Kalfas, Kaldel, Arobel and Galaldo, as well as ten baronies. But she is unaware of the enemies she has within noble houses such as Brigo, Erebus and Gorinder; the same goes for the declining confidence which is felt within many

of the other houses. Moreover, if one takes the Curia, parts of Ordo Magica, the High Chieftain’s allies, and the influential trading houses into account, her list of loyal allies seems punier still.

Of course, Korinthia and her council are not completely oblivious to the faltering support, but they also believe that the love of the people is what matters most, and that it can only be maintained and regained through demonstrations of compe- tence. They must win battles, help those in need, and nurture people’s dreams of an even brighter future – only in that way can they achieve their goal of building a strong and prosperous Ambria!
Geopolitical, Great house

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