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House Herengol

House Herengol has been closely tied to the royal family ever since the uprising which made Kathrona Kohinoor queen. When the old Count died, his daugh- ter Alama became head of the family, while his oldest son, Field Marshal Beremo, assumed the position as supreme commander of the military. Countess Alama has never thought much of Korinthia, but has remained loyal, though not without poisoning her childrens’ views on the Queen. What will happen with House Herengol after Alama and Beremo have died is thus highly uncertain.

Property Herengol is the largest and richest county in Ambria. The fertile valleys of Veloma and Doudram, Lake Ebel, and the ore-filled mountains all help fill the coffers which by the end of the war had almost been emptied. Much of the county’s riches has thus far been invested in roads, mines, and fortifications to protect against the beasts and robbers of the mountains, but most of it is now finished, and it is time to enjoy the abundance.

Prominent Individuals Almost the entirety of House Herengol is involved with the nation’s armed forces, in one way or another. But aside from the Field Marshal they mostly occupy less prominent positions. The Countess’ son, Elberdo, is a colonel in the Ambrian sapper corps, while his son and daughter serve as field agents of the Royal Sekretorium – Captain Rabelia stationed east of the Ravens, and Captain Ferbian in charge of the recently established Domestic Security Division. Beremo’s only son and the Countess’ daughter are both situ- ated in Thistle Hold; the former as an adventurous expedition leader, the latter as an agent of Korinthia’s uncle, Alesaro (a well-kept family secret).

Relations House Herengol is loyal to the royal family, though Countess Alama would rather have seen Alesaro on the throne. Because of her undisguised contemptfor the current sovereign, her children have never gotten along with Korinthia and are both in collu- sive contact with Alesaro, ready to aid his rise to power. Until the mother and uncle are dead there is not much they can do, but once the power is theirs, the Queen would do well to watch her back...
Geopolitical, Great house

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