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House Argona

The pride and ambition which characterize House Vearra are also found among the representatives of Argona; perhaps even more so. The first ruler of Alberetor was Queen Almara, and before House Kohinoor’s ascension to the throne another five members of House Argona had been crowned. The greatest of them was the warlord Oragan, under whose reign the kingdom doubled in size and population. The current head of the family, Count Alkantor, is far less impressive, as were many of his predecessors. In fact, House Argona has been in decline for decades, and things did not improve in the Promised Land when their house was allotted an estate in the shadow of Davokar.


In public, the Count boasts far and wide of his enor- mous wealth, but in truth his family is practically living hand to mouth. Their estates in Alberetor were quickly invaded by dragouls and their masters, who shipped all their riches back to Lyastra before a counteroffensive could be launched. Alkantor spent much of what remained on speeding up the construction of roads and fortifications, hoping that it would one day give his county an advantage over its neighbors. But this did not get him very far. Sure, his county’s lands are good enough for growing crops and raising cattle, but in competition with Thistle Hold and Blackmoor, it will never be the commercial hub he once hoped.

Prominent Individuals

Aside from Count Alkantor, who is a respected if not liked person in Thistle Hold, very few mem- bers of his house have distinguished themselves in a positive sense. Of his four children, only Suria has attained an important position, as the Queen’s Legate in Thistle Hold. But hopefully it is not too late, as his wife recently died in childbirth and her replacement (young Lisel Salamos) will probably give him more children to put his hope in. The Count’s sister, Anabela, should also be mentioned, though he himself prefers not to. She has worked her way to a top position within the Sun Church, as the Priesthood’s representative in the Curia. But they have long hated each other, and moreover, being at the helm of a sinking ship is hardly an impressive feat.


All living members of House Argona are very much aware of the cracks in their House’s once noble foundations. For now, all they can do is to prepare for the future by conducting themselves in as lordly a manner as possible. Houses Kohinoor and Vearra are, and will always be, their deadly enemies. But if Argona is ever to compete for real power, they must first win the people over to their side. In that respect, the war against the barbarians in the north is a welcome one. Alkantor is doing his best to snap himself and his two sons into shape for the upcoming battle, as they must now live up to the legends of Oragan Argona. If fortune favors them, this could be a new dawn for their noble family, particularly if the other houses should happen to lose a few key members to the axes of the enemy.
Geopolitical, Great house

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