Independent State of Imbrasus

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The Independent State of Imbrasus is a demarchy located in the northern region of Eshar.


Imbrasus exists as a demarchy, where anyone who finishes studying at one of their schools is eligible to become a council member. The only exception to this rule is anyone who decides to become a professor, as the conflict of interests within educator and those who would become law makers was seen as too grand to ignore. The city state exists as 30% elf/25% human/25% dwarf/10% half elf/10% other. While there are no official restrictions on races allowed to serve on the council, no exotic race such as tiefling or dragonborn has ever graduated from the academy and therefore none have ever had the chance to serve.

Each council member serves for a total of 10 years, at which their name is put back into the pool for possible council members. If their name is pulled three times, they are not put back in. The government prides itself on its education and believes themselves to be the most superior of the Esharian states due to their high intelligence and wisdom. there are magic, scientific, and trade academies within the city state, and none have any restrictions on who may attend outside of passing an aptitude test.


While there are some smaller accredited academies, there are three in particular that stand out.

Cheiron Mage's College

While not the most prestigious magic academy in the world, the Cheiron Mage's College is well known within the Esharian States. It focuses on Illusion and Transmutation schools but has classes on all the schools of magic. Mostly occupied by wizards, some bards also make their home here. If one does not pass their aptitude test they are allowed to petition to join a mage battalion, which would grant them access to the college with the restriction of spending at least a decade in the city guard upon graduation.

Bulis Academy of Sciences and Maths

The Bulis Academy is known for its heavy focus on technological advancements and understanding that world progresses through mathematics and philosophy. It is the most acclaimed academy in Imbrasus, and boasts the most difficult aptitude test of all the academies.

Coenus Institute of Trade and Commerce

The Coenus Institute is widely regarded as the academy to attend if one is looking to become a tradesman in the city, especially among the dwarves. The City's Merchant Guild heavily favors graduates of the academy for membership, and the academy itself is well known in most of Eshar because of the traders that come from it.

Foreign Policy

While Imbrasus has not entered into open conflict with any of the surrounding Esharian States in recent memory, it does not hold favorable positions with most if not all. It is regarded as haughty at best and is often considered to be too full of itself to do proper business with. It holds a standard strength guard compared to the other states, but is often not trifled with because of the mage battalions.

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