Annonce : Under relooking process

Sc24: Let's prep to not sleep for two weeks in august this year !

Summer Camp 2024 is near ! Already ?!?! But that feels like last one was yesterday ! Right ?!

Well let's go ! And prepared this time ! You know, just to not write 40+ articles in the last two weeks of jully...

That was bad. Both for me, and the quality of the articles.


Week 1 : About Change and Organization

Assignment 1: Consider what kind of changes would fit in with your world's themes, genre, and other foundational points.

Humm... That's funny... I guess I'll have to start with assignment 4 then.

Assignment 4: Take a look at your meta, primer, and any other high-level document and update it according to the current state of your world.

I actually have to make some modifications and thinking back the whole stuff for a few months but didn't manage to take the time. So thanks World Anvil's team for allowing me (again and again ;) ) to be better at my work !

Being part of my current reorganization of my business activities (writting and self-publishing short stories and ttrpgs) to be more consistent and effective, it's been a while since I want to write some kind of manifesto about what is my approach of eco-fantasy. By setting a draft of this document, I've come to realize that I've somewhat derivated from that central focus in my writtings and world building (but in fact this focal point wasn't clearly written down so... nothing unexpected from my ADD mind haha).

Now that my meta for Sylâme has been mostly updated, things are getting clearer.


So about asignment 1, some big changes are actually at the center of my Drama meta-section and that will probably be the focus of my efforts : the changes in territory and ecosystem uses by the Armiras Kingdom and their multiple origins and consequences.

Assignment 2: Based on this, decide how many prompts you'll go for during Summer Camp. Then, download the pledge document and fill it accordingly!

I know that if I'm correctly prepared and start from the begining of the month, I should be able to write one to two articles a day. So as I've put some time aside to dedicate it to SC24 in July, things should go smoothly by aiming at 32 articles in the month and grab the diamond !

Assignment 3: Get your categories and tags organized!

Thanks to my participation to the Spring Cleaning Unofficial Challenge, I've got a bit of advance about categories, though it might need quick adjustments, and my tag system is everything but existing so, that will be some work some work.

Gladly, thanks to Solaris' Article on the topic, I've been able to have a clearer mind while doing that. Their tag system has been a great template to follow. So I've define the following tag system: stub-class (ex stub-sc24 index-letter; date(of witting)-year-month; plot-plot_name-template_type; place-location-relevance, topic, and reserve-reason. Now I just have to update the whole bunch of past articles with it.   This is starting good ! :)  

Week 2 : About Refuge and Community

Assignment 1 Consider what kinds of refuge would fit in with your world's themes, genre, and other foundational points.

Considering the eco-fantasy genre of Sylâme, "Refuge" is quite evocative. I have a few ideas of stub articles (or custom prompts) I could prepare before july that might become usefull. I think I'll made a clear list of those if I find the time in next two weeks. A kind of fauna & flora refuge easily come to mind, but I also think of a few possibilities around emotions as refuge. I'm pretty sure I'll do something about "Barbarian" rage as emotionnal refuge if some prompt gives me the occasion.

Assignment 2 Find a community—whether that’s our Discord server, Facebook Group, your RPG or friend group, or something else.

Though I'm not very active on the community discord (too many notifications are really overwhelming for me), I'd love to be ! So maybe sharing my daily (or so) article in there will give me the occasion to overcome some of it. We'll see!

My familly, friends and instagram followers will complete that accountability community

Assignment 3 Find ways to improve styling and layout in your world!

I've been looking at formatting my own templates for the articles for a while now as I've been consistently disturbed in my work by the default ones. I didn't have the time to do so during this week but I hope to do before the end of the month.

I could use some help though, if anyone reading have good advice or ressources about how to edit and format the .html.twig template files.

Assignment 4 If you’re a CSS wizard, maybe take the time now to give it a polish!

That's the reason I didn't find time to work on templates in fact. I'm only a wizard student in the matter so I've been working on my CSS file and learning. My proggress should be implemented before monday I hope, though I still have some work to do !


Week 3: About Belief & Inspiration

Assignment 1: Consider what kind of beliefs would fit in with your world's themes, genre, and other foundational points.

Beliefs are one of my favorite part of worldbuilding, as I love to play with those motivating factors for characters and societies. My book, Trapped in the Forest is revolving around these fascinating and sometime dangerous things. So I do have a lot in mind about Sylâmite beliefs that I have yet to put in text.

From religions to legends, politics to medicine, or even the simple - yet complex - trust between people, beliefs are everywhere and they have a long term impact on the world. The current political and religious crisis in Armiras Kingdom will give me lots to talk about.

Assignment 2 Create a bank of inspirations! Quotes, music, description of experiences and shower thoughts, etc.

Much of my inspiration is coming from personnal experiences and reflexions fuelled by

  • classical medfan authors : J.R.R. Tolkien and G.R.R. Martin,
  • dnd settings such as the Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft,
  • philosophical, political, anthropological and sociological studies authors such as A. Camus, M. Bookchin, P. Descola, B. Latour, J. Dewey...

Plants and birds are also a proheminant source of inspiration for me.

Assignment 3 Find art and pictures that inspire you, and grab a map if you don't have one (and need one).

As I've been thinking a lot about visual and artistic consistency for Sylâme lately, I've found myself leaning towards Art Nouveau style, particularly Mucha's. Although I'm also looking for visuals that can better fit with my "ancient bronze age" style of setting so they wouldn't seem out of context. However, I'm not very satisfied with my findings and experiments yet. So, we'll see what happens !

Assignment 4 Check your inspirations again. Are they still relevant? Can you find any that better represent the current state of your project?

I've taken this last assignement to do something I never really did which is actually writting down my inspiration sources in the dedicated meta section.


Week 4: About Decay and

Assignment 1 Consider what kind of decay would fit in with your world's themes, genre, and other foundational points.

If ecofantasy is all about life, then it is all about decay and death as well. And a lot of things are decaying in Armiras, particularly the Kingdom and its institutions themselves. The environment isn't either in it's best state everywhere since the population is quite fond of intensive agricultural practices.

Assignment 2 If you like special tea when you write, stock up for a month. Tidy your office, make a “do not disturb” sign, and think about any other last-minute strategies to optimize your writing space and time!

Chai is well in stock ; desktop is organized ; still have a few things to prepare but that should be amazing !

Assignment 3 Review your world homepage to hook potential readers!

I still have a few adjustments to do to my homepage (particularly the english translation), and a few tweaks to my CSS, but that should be done in the evening. Things are looking very much better than before already!

Assignment 4 Take a look at your author profile and pillar articles on your world and polish them!

This is where things go down. I didn't manage to find the time to do that this month, but maybe I will find some in the two next weeks. It's SC24 vacation time for me ;) This is super super hyped hype now hahaha !

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