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A World in Change

Tikor is a world where deities and spirits are as real as the nature that surrounds them. Since the earliest writings of mankind, the gods have been there with them. They are a vital part of the makeup of human societies across the globe. This is in a way to be expected. Humans were in fact, created by the gods. Various great deities created cultures of their design and ethos. As time marched forward, these various cultures and groups co-existed. Sometimes contentiously, sometimes harmoniously, but always striving to co-exist.

History, however, would change over the course of a tragic day and its horrific night. Mime, the Garuda deity of Wisdom, is assassinated at the hands of an alleged Vinyatian assassin. Mortal hands had never slain a deity. As tensions between the rival nations of Garuda and Vinyata soared under a long Tikor night, a bloody battle erupted between the two sides. A truce was called once the truth is revealed, but not before irreversible damage to both sides was done.

Despite the armistice between bitter enemies, the wounds of that day will forever linger. The world heaves as the one constant, the gods themselves, waver and a new struggle begins.

The Year 10 A.R

As the world still recovers ten years after the bloody events that ended the Era its fallout begins to appear. Rumors begin to give rise around the world of the arrival of a new kind of weapon. Instruments capable of killing gods, Grim Arms. Could this be related to the unsolved assassination of Mime?

In Garuda, a power struggle is in full effect as the current ruler of The Divine Order of the Phoenix, Amma Zencora, vies to hold onto his ill-gotten throne. How far will the ruler go to defend the throne he so desperately wants to hold on to?

Vinyata is adjusting to a world with one less of its city. The Eastern Node having been destroyed during the war at End of the Era. An unpleasant surprise emerges as they rebuild, a rash of malevolent spirits now roam the region. The souls of those lost 10 years still attached to the mortal plane.

An Afropunk Sci-Fantasy Setting

Swordsfall isn't just a story, it's a world. It's a dive into pre-colonial Africa for all the rich lore you've never heard of. It's an exploration into a world where the majority of the faces are dark, yet isn't constrained to one corner. It's a world where women hold power equal to men and the merit of ones soul is what propels them through life. It's a world where spirits aren't to be feared, they are to be embraced. In a time where we know that representation matters, this project is an effort to add to that spirit in the way I know best. Narrative fiction in the nerdiest of flavors.

Swordsfall is made up of three key parts; World Anvil, Tabletop RPG and Novels. Each of them telling a different part in the lore that is the world of Tikor. Synergy.

The Three Arms of Swordsfall

Swordsfall: World Anvil - This is the first arm of Swordsfall, the world bible where the world is displayed for all to read. The World Anvil is where we'll explore the world as a whole. Each country, each place, and all the major characters.

Swordsfall: A Tabletop RPG - The only thing better than reading a fun world is playing within it. Luckily with the might of World Anvil, we can play the game straight from the World Anvil! Campaigns can be run from the Swordsfall page and articles selected for your players. This will be a more narrative focused system where social skills are just as important as combat.

The Swordsfall Chronicles - Some stories are too big for World Anvil. Some stories need the detail that only a novel can bring. There are several books planned out for Swordsfall with one already in production. From the true events behind Mime's assassination to failed cults to heroic sieges, the books are where the real detail will happen.

Welcome to Swordsfall
Generic article | Jul 8, 2019

Welcome to Swordsfall. Your introduction into the world of living gods. Start here if your new to the world.

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Hello, My name is Robert, but you can call me Latrec. I am a History Major in University Right now. I have been world building most of my life, but have only been heavily involved with world building for about 2 years. I hope you guys enjoy the worlds I


An artist that has characters that they loVE VERY MUCH and loves to talk about them. Also my birthday is June 30th of which i am very happy to have my birthday month also happen to be Pride Month!! <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> (Discord


Scientist, crafter, and analog gamer.

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
AshWolf Forever

She/Her | Sagittarius | INFJ-T | Hufflepuff | Thunderbird <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Hello everyone! It&#039;s the Mellow Yellow Pup aka AshWolf Forever here. I&#039;m a published author, a digital artist, and a goofball. I do Art Rol


I&#039;m bad with words.

Victoria Stone

I&#039;m a longtime roleplayer and GM using World Anvil to build multiple worlds both for RP campaigns, and a novel series. My worlds are private for now, but various articles will go public for challenges and stuff like that. <span class="line-spacer d-b


ASD // Worldbuilding // Writing // Gaming // Data Science // Cats

Michael D. Nadeau

Born in the usual way, I started roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons at the age of 8. I stopped playing it for awhile but soon plunged back into this world of fantasy and magic once more. I discovered a world of imagination and loved the myriad of possibili


Worldbuilder and artist, 2D and 3D


Yeah, look, in the end I&#039;m really just a vaguely scatter-brained individual.


Writer, geek, optimist. Curator of Wyrd Daze ezine. The Ephemeral Man. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;m writing short stories and the first novel in my genre hybrid &#039;Zenith&#039;s Edge&#039; multiverse. <span class="line-space

Sean Sullivan

Hello, Hello! <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Sometimes I do writing. Mostly I take naps. I write my own stories for a D&amp;D 5e campaign done on the Roll20 platform. The world&#039;s not very original but it&#039;s mine!

Heath O'Donnell

Christian, Husband of 11 years, Father of 3, American Airman, Nerd. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Enjoys all types of music, movies, and books.


Hi! I&#039;m Ondo, the Water Spark! I&#039;m a language nerd that spends part of their free time worldbuilding a multiverse (or so I like to think). I&#039;m also part of the Enchanter team, making sure the fires of the Anvil are always lit!

Guillaume Labrie

Lazyness incarnate | Tea obsessed | Video Game nerd | Literature enthusiast | Watcher of things


I like good beer, good bud, cheap wine and cheap thrills. All preferably outdoors with a good view of the sunset and some decent tunes thrown in for good measure. Bonus points if I&#039;ve got a notebook and someone to bounce ideas off of.

Aggamemnon's Mask

A nursing student who enjoys world building on the side.

mivvllk mivvllk

random person on the internet who loves story building


Long-time rpg gamer and fan of all things fantasy and scifi.


Hi! I&#039;m Alpha (or Pablo, if you prefer to use my normal name). After being all my life thinking about other worlds, peoples, creatures and events, I came to World Anvil to finally settle at least one of those down, and learn from all the other aweso


<div class="paragraph-align-center text-center">Hey there i&#039;m <b>Nevermore</b>, co-author of <a href="https://www.worldanvil.com/w/the-4th-race-Caeora">The 4th Race</a>. I&#039;m a wannabe graphicdesigner/writer/worldbuilder with a passion for anyth


Hi everyone, <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;m returning to writing after a long writers block, managing to break it with the WA Summer Camp of 2018. I&#039;m working on a few different worlds with a tendency towards to weird, morbi


I&#039;m primarily a musician interested in writing. I&#039;ve come here to organize my thoughts for the D&amp;D campaigns I run, as well as to foster more ideas for other personal projects I have going on.

Michael Ward

I am an aspiring author with major procrastination issues and big ideas. These two things do not mix well.


<div class="paragraph-align-center text-center">writer | she/her</div> <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> My name is Anna, Anz for short, AnzBananz for long. I am an environmentalist and animal enthusiast with experience in biology, ecology,

Lyraine Alei

Name: Ashlee <br> Alternative Names - A.G. (used on my artwork) <br>I&#039;m mostly building Soplas, which is a Setting on the world of Corive, but I greatly enjoy &quot;throwing spaghetti around to see what sticks on the walls,&quot; as I call it (I thin

James L

Gamer, geek and father to Atlas. Here to create worlds, games in them and with them.

Eric Dziver

I&#039;m an aspiring writer, performing musician, TTRPG setting designer and all the adjectives. Basically, I&#039;m just focusing on making fun and inclusive content that my friends can feel super comfortable writing, playing and creating in.

C. B. Ash
Kummer Wolfe

Hi! I&#039;m CB Ash - also known as Kummer Wolfe. To be fair, I spend my days going in several directions at once from software architect, inventor, and UX designer to science fiction and fantasy writer, Game Master, and worldbuilder on World Anvil or wri

SHDesign & RPG
Soul Hunter DS

Starting out the new and ambition project of making all the stuff that&#039;s in my head come true and at least write it down on some place.


Small Anxious Nerd. Profile Picture drawn by: Pocus Flanchette on Tumblr.

The Chronicler
The Adventurer's Almanac

It doesn&#039;t matter who I am, what matters is my setting.

Flora Hays

Hi! I&#039;m an artist and author from the UK. I&#039;m (trying) to work on a graphic novel at the moment, I write fantasy and urban fantasy, though I&#039;m yet to complete any full-length works. I flop between projects uselessly and am a huge procrastin

Jaime Buckley

Hi! I&#039;m an author, illustrator, and dad of 13. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I believe people are <b>important</b>, which is why I do what I do. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> My life revolves around helping other


I&#039;m pretty terrible at writing. I don&#039;t feel like I have much of a style, and I&#039;m terrible at increasing the length of a piece of writing. You might not find many in-world writings by me. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I c


Always open to talking about my own ideas and listening to others


Student in VFX/3D from Belgium. Has a hard time picking favorites


40 year old male living in Southern California. Enjoys making world maps, and DM&#039;ing for Dungeons and Dragons 5e.


A guy from Sweden, who likes to read and write in both Swedish and English.


An Amateur author, I tend to spend much of my time working my day job working logistics, as well as with animals, and gardening. My spare time I use to improve my passion in the form of writing, building up my world here, and roleplaying with others when

Matthieu A.

I just finished my game design studies and now aim to become a producer in the future. I joined WA after falling in love at first sight with its tools and its community. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;d like to improve my writing s

Kaleb Kramer

Hi! I&#039;m working on my English degree with plans to pursue an MFA and eventual PhD, primarily in the areas of speculative fiction. I&#039;m also a freelance writer and spend a significant time working in libraries. Working on compiling a multi-author


I came, I gamed, I never really got around to leaving...

Mihkel Rand

I&#039;m just an unemployed Oesilian peasant who&#039;s working on building worlds and drafting novels. I like making maps and building Lethea, a world that was originally just a playground for my D&amp;D players but quickly developed into something that

Matthew Feeney

I&#039;m a professional writing major in my senior year of college. I&#039;ve written in many different disciplines now, but I always come back to creative writing. And if you&#039;re reading this, maybe that means you&#039;re interested in what I&#039;m


I&#039;m Nikki (she/her) and I can be a bit of a scatterbrain. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I love reading, writing, and RPGs, though I&#039;m newest to the last of this list! I&#039;m generally interested in genres of Fantasy, Scifi, a

Hannah Shum

what up i&#039;m jared i&#039;m 19 and i never hecking learned how to read

John Palmer

I am currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing as a mature student which makes me sound really old but I&#039;m not. I run a website called Cult Fiction that posts articles on the process of creative writing alongside guides, author inter

Dimitris Havlidis

Incurable storyteller, builder of worlds, builder of applications for building worlds. Web Developer, Designer, Psychologist. Husband to a glorious wife. Humbled by those who supports his efforts. Oh and I really love chocolate and tangy lemon pies.


Hello All, <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> My name&#039;s Saint, I&#039;m an artist taking up the task of creating a fleshed out story for my world and bringing it to life with my art. I&#039;ve alway&#039;s been super into world building


Hi there! I&#039;m a British pagan witch who loves high fantasy and over the past year or so has fallen head over heels in love with Dungeons &amp; Dragons, playing in one campaign and building my own world for my own campaign (which I hope to write novel

Isaac Alasdair Nicholas Thompson
Isaac Thompson

Nobinary | They/Them | 20 <br> Howdy! I&#039;m an Aussie uni student going for a Visual Arts major, making stories in their spare time! I&#039;ve got a particular passion for fantasy politics, so many of my stories lean heavily on that sort of thing, haha


Hello! I&#039;m Mea (May) I am a freelance acrylic painter of nerdy paintings by day and a world builder/writer by night! I love all forms/mediums of story telling and especially love table top gaming!


I am adult.


<blockquote>“If you have an idea that you genuinely think is good, don’t let some idiot talk you out of it”  ― Stan Lee</blockquote>

Mars Walker

i&#039;m a chaotic Yeehaw Demon with a taste for writing

Jill Poisson

I&#039;m a DM who has been running games for 20 years and building a campaign world for nearly 15 years. Finally prepping for publishing the world, Nalmorah, I&#039;m designing a 10 adventure starter campaign introducing players and DMs alike to the world


I spend most of my time at work giving some TLC to our local buses. The tiny bit of free time I have, I enjoy spending on drawing, reading, playing all kinds of games (mostly PC) and watching youtube videos.


A swamp witch with too little time.

Nichole Roach

I&#039;ve been writing since 2nd grade, but I&#039;ve only recently began serious work on my novel, The Guardians of Elyon (working title). <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;m a married mother of two with a degree in Creative Writing

Calyss Marviss

23yo french with too much time on her hands

Shadow Malachi

For those of you that read this message. I want to tell you that i may return in a year or so to world anvil. Maybe longer but as of right now just know that I have moved on to focus on my paranormal research and exploration. <span class="line-spacer d-bl

Doug Marshall

Hiya! I&#039;m Doug &quot;Spyglass&quot; Marshall, with SpyglassRealms as the moniker I operate under in some form or another across the web (except the places where I couldn’t switch over from my previous nethandle, WorldBuildersInc.) I&#039;m an astrobi

R. Dylon Elder

My name is Dylon, and I&#039;ve been writing as a hobby for the better part of 13 years. I&#039;ve dabbled in many genres and styles from essays to poetry, short stories and rpgs. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Currently, my primary worl


Greetings and welcome to my profile page. I have no idea what to write here so there&#039;s not much to snoop on here; sorry.

Darren Richardson

I have been into Dungeons and Dragons (as well as other RPGs) for over 3 decades, as a toddler I found some DnD books he had, and became intrigued by them, and it helped me improve my reading, and by the time I was 8, I was a Red Box convert, 30 years ago

Elias Redclaw

Hello to whoever is reading this! I am Elias and a soon to be 17 highschool student from the mountainous reaches of far Northern India. Ever since I was a kid, i read any fantasy book i could get my hands on and watched sci fi shows, movies and stuff as w

Gerrit Dodd

My name is Gerrit Dodd and I write both Mir and other unrelated fiction, typically horror and fantasy. I work by day in retail management and spend my free time outdoors skateboarding, creating art, writing and playing video games. I also spend time as a

Kitaen Silva
Kitaen Silva

I&#039;ll get to this sooner or later, I&#039;m a bit occupied with familiarizing myself to WorldAnvil and what resources are available to me.

TJ the WorldbuildingWizard

I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in graphic design. I aim to use my worldbuilding as a method of learning about our world through creating a fictional one, but mostly just to have fun! <hr> <h5>Role</h5> Design Director for WorldAnvil <b


Originally from California and currently based in Malaysia, I enjoy creating fantasy worlds in my free time and thinking about how their languages, cultures, and history would unfold.

Delmer Putnam

I’m just some kid from Michigan, whose into D&amp;D and fantasy. I discovered this website through How to be a Great GM, and thought I’d join the community and start worldbuilding something I can be wowed by that I made.

Leire Killough

I&#039;m a young&#039;n from Canada. Happy to chat!

Jenny N.

I&#039;m a laid-back and quiet personality, a bit on the shy side. I&#039;m one of those crazy cat people, only I so far can dream of owning a menagerie of them. For now it&#039;s just me and my lovely, perpetual kitten Polka. :)


Hailing from a small town in Connecticut, I am a full-time student, a part-time retail worker, and a full-time Dungeon Master. All of my free time is spent on my baby, Asteria, with my Player Characters along for the ride. Come check out the world, the sc

Eric Walton

DM/GM of 15+ years and an IT geek / graphic designer.

B.K. Bass

B.K. is the Production Director and Editorial Manager for Kyanite Publishing; and an author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror inspired by the pulp fiction magazines of the early 20th century and classic speculative fiction. He is a student of histo


Check out my musical project <a href="https://sumptusignis.bandcamp.com/">Sumptus Ignis</a>. <iframe src="https://open.spotify.com/embed?uri=spotify:track:7DDcJIAsv7hlH7kjUhgMKN" width="100%" height="80" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="enc


Writing, reading, procrastinating, pyjama-clad serial tea-drinker.

Atena Luna

Mexican, speak Spanish, English, learning German and wants to learn Japanese. D&amp;D 5e player and dungeon master. Loves pandas and cats. Also anime trash.

Joshua Olowoyeye

Mechanical engineering student


I&#039;ve been playing Role-playing games for over 20 years. I&#039;ve played a wide variety although D&amp;D is my favorite, I also enjoy Shadowrun and most Super Hero RPGs. I&#039;ve created my own world and have been expanding on it for 15 years. I&#03


<blockquote>I quietly phase in and out <br> between the world you are in <br> and the world you are viewing right now <br> under an eternal blue... <br> </blockquote>

Koray Birenheide

Hello there ^-^ My name is Koray, I&#039;m a long time writer and roleplayer. I use World Anvil to manage the world for my fantasy novel &quot;Aqualon, Rise of the Broken&quot; as well as my largest D&amp;D campaign setting (based on Forgotten Realms and

A. L. Winkler

I&#039;m an avid reader, writer, and swimmer. A nurse by profession, I have been involved in many different spheres including corrections, plasma procurement, facilities, and medication assisted treatment. I live in Baltimore, Maryland with kids, grandk


Breton, Games Design student and with far too many ideas on my mind to let them roam free so here I am!


I&#039;m a nerdy woman that&#039;s been writing for over a decade, including running a good RPG campaign or two. Currently delving into the Modern Age rules by Green Ronin Publishing. Writing a campaign world that I want to reference over and over again

Liam Hallows

Using World Anvil for the storage and creation of my universe of worlds and the many cultures and happenings that are located within them. Within this setting I am/will be writing books, creating campaigns(DnD 5th Edition) and just creating lore to expan


Hey, I&#039;m Drake, and I&#039;m an aspiring DM and game maker. Everything here is WIP, as nothing is ever done their iterations. I have a wife and kid as well as a full time job supporting them.

A Den

I do more Pathfinder and DnD than anything, but I&#039;m here to check stuff out and build things up.


Beginner of hundreds of worlds, stories and tales and finisher of none, I&#039;m here also to try and create something complete


I was born, pretended to grow up, got married, had a son, got divorced. But I find that it&#039;s hard to give a &#039;short&#039; biography that is also meaningful. I suppose the most important thing is that I started writing when I was 12 years old.

Jonathan Thompson

Long story short, I am a person who wanted to tell a bunch of stories like the cartoons and video games I liked. Somewhere along the lines this led to me developing my own fictional world or paracosm that I actively build for fun.


Student | 22


I am a professional software developer, 2-bit author, and aspiring artist using World Anvil to create a centralized Lore and Mechanics Codex for my ongoing project, a pen-and-paper Grimbright Sci-fantasy RPG set in the distant future. There are over 20 ra

Leigh Janzen
Leigh Janzen

Fantasy author, incurable world builder, and member of the Insubordinate Pen.

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