Zephyer 3000

Speed. Power. Hovers

The fastest vehicle there is, extremely expensive and extremely rare.


Custom Original

The Zephyr 3000 is one of the fastest vehicles known on Tikor. From acceleration to top speed, the quickness on a Zephyr is almost legendary. While some gear enthusiast will argue as to if its the definitive fastest, there's no arguing that this bike doesn't zip. The real problem you're going to have is that they need exceptional friends or partners with deep pockets to find one. The bike has a level of exclusivity rarely seen in vehicles. Developed by Omicron Technologies, this bike was designed from the ground up to be, all-terrain and fast, outrageously fast. Vehicles around Tikor tend to be a rare commodity with the varied terrain usually requiring several types of transport. The Zephyr was designed with that hurdle in mind. With the ability to traverse almost any terrain, its the ultimate dream of an adventurer or aristocrat.


Special Tank

What gives the hyperbike its speed and power is its custom-designed Latimer Drive. This specially designed drive was made to last and provide enough power for long distance trips. Once filled to capacity, the drive on a Zephyr can last several days before needing filling. Omicron contracted some of the premier Crystal Priests to work on. The CEO of Omicron Technologies, Kent Musa, wanted the exclusive bike to be capable of cross-country trips.


Where there's a Need

While designed at the ultra-wealthy, the top customers have been adventures, as the combination of speed, distance, and terrain handling have made it an icon. The unique bike design combines low powered jets and all-terrain tires to allow the bike to operate in any conditions. With the variability of Tikor's weather, the ability to have one item that covers all terrain is a dream for the adventurous.


Rarest among Rare

The bike is extremely exclusive with only 100 of the sleeks bikes ever being produced. In addition, the majority of the bikes that were produced were also custom made. So not only is finding the bike an almost impossible endeavor, but the ones who have owners probably aren't ready to give it up. Given the notoriety of the hoverbike, many have questioned as to why more of the bike wasn't produced. Various reasons have been given by Omicron over the past. The most likely case is that while the bike itself is of the highest caliber, the price tag associated with its production made it only suitable for a limited run. The mix of high-quality vehicle and limited available means the demand for the car never die


Power Generation

Latimer Drive

The Zip
Omicron Technologies
Kent Musa
10 ft
4 ft
4 tons
180 MPH
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
One Passenger

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