The Sound of Swordsfall

Words of somber from a soldier on the battlefield

A famous poem about The Longest Night, the overnight war that ended the Era.


Darkness shrouds all sight,
The howl of sharp meets flesh echoes the night.
A boy once a man, hollowed in his fright.


His mind bellows, how did I arrive at my death?
Each swallow copper, eyes locked on a man taking his last breath.
The world shimmers in his eyes, tears filling their depth.




Salvation rendered in a fate equal as cruel.
Sound falters, the earth rumbles loose, soil shimmering as fresh dew.
Silence as battles fade, each participant faded from view.


When you speak from the brink, it beckons him to answer the blind.
When the silence of the gods meets the arrogance of mankind.
Seared onto each ear was a note, one that they will always recall.
The echo of steel fades out, empty is the sound of Swordsfall.


  The Sounds of Swordfall is a poem of unknown origin. The piece started appearing on leaflets printed on the first anniversary of The Longest Night. Rumors have circulated that the poem must be from someone who was there that night. All the survivors interviewed have claimed to not be nor know the author of the provocative poem. Though a few of the selective group mentioned that the poem echoed something for them.

While the author of the poem may never be known, the simple work of art is often quoted on the anniversary. A stark remember to a dark night in history.


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@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
27 Jul, 2018 04:13

This came off very nice. It feels like your world's Star-Spangled Banner. Well done.

27 Jul, 2018 06:28

Very nice!   But this piece: "The howl of sharp meets flesh echoes the night."   I am not exactly sure if that's the intended way for it to look or not? It reads a bit oddly. (Also, check soldier for typo in the subtitles. :) )

Sage littletoes101
Richard Bradley
27 Jul, 2018 07:27

Reading this poem gave me chills. Very good job! It reads like a real account of a battle.

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